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Ah Shucks, Let's Go For A Ride





Hop on up

T’is my favorite mode of transportation

Pegasus is a good friend of mine

Come on now


Take my hand… 130 more words

Love Peace And Freedom

Homeless in Philadelphia

Sitting here

in this morning’s niche

I haven’t noticed

anybody noticing


except that secret-agent

sparrow on the sidewalk

spying again





(Text Copyright Clyde Collins 2016)

Love Peace And Freedom

Spitball Fury

    by Rawclyde!                                                                                                             ~

The small sphere

Hurls Ghost Face

Deeply into space


“Where did she go?”

He grits as the metal ball spins

Over Hong Kong… 79 more words

Love Peace And Freedom

Hello & Good-bye

by Cloyd Campfire



Sleep deprived

Down a canyon

Rocks big as skyscrapers

Giant faces peering down

Painted by man in the moon Indians… 125 more words

Love Peace And Freedom