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Cookies Are Easy

Cookies are easy
they go upside down
all across the City
in New York City
we could be baking and making
cookies again
with something between us… 145 more words


Put away for safe-keeping

That first night
you turned your back
and my arm fell off
in bed, we
were made statues
then like brittle, precious
things put away for
safe-keeping, hard
to move.


My husband brought me a bucket of moonbeam coreopsis

This poem is a bucket.
This poem is a moonbeam.
This poem is my husband.

A container of vague reference and history,
its origins unknown but its utility humbly significant. 203 more words



It’s been ages since I’ve felt this way.

The flutters
the excitement
the joy
this nervousness

the butterflies

but I’m scared.

I remember the way you looked at me… 157 more words


Heart forcing me to fall in love,
All romance he is sending above,
These beats over the chest are soft,
Trying to fly toward her like dove


Just Say You Love Me

Just say you love me
That’s all you need to say

No other words need to be spoken
To mend the heart that’s been so long broken… 32 more words


Perfectly Content - a poem of early love, written long ago, by Artistic Dreamscapes

What do you write when perfectly content? I’ll try to think of something…

No more shooting stars and fiery splendour
no more dancing under the full moon… 284 more words