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Diffuse my once empty eyes

Let me weep with happiness.

Switch on life;

Let it wash over me

I whisper the word

You know it as: ‘Sonya’ 74 more words


Bleeding Love

Post heartache,
I find myself bleeding love;
it’s escaping out of me,
like air out of a balloon that’s become untied;
and as I twist and turn and flail, I hope, 13 more words



I built a sandy citadel
Upon my lonely coast
With all the virtues fanciful
My yearning heart can host.
From wispy spires and turrets high… 118 more words



Nerves on edge,
he gazes at her
While her eyes,
wander the room.

She tells her story
with a graceful smile.
He watches her every… 50 more words


en Route 1

we ride bikes through the sedges
t-shirts constrict on working muscles
bags weigh with stories to undress
we haven’t seen a mirror or bed in months… 114 more words


I May Write a Song for You

I may write a symphony
That orchestras play
With a smile
Or I may write a bold pop hit
That will never go
Out of style… 61 more words



How quickly my love for you dissolved into dust;
I never thought this would happen;
I never thought you would forget me;
and now when I see you, I feel only hurt, 12 more words