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I’m a soldier
not a weird duck promoter
having my friends all around
people can’t cause you no harm
and if they try…. duck!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Incurable love

It’s so easy to fall in love!
It’s a bit harder to find love.
Hardest of all is to realize you
are loved and live with it without… 76 more words



The ghost of a flea.
In a black dog’s ear.
Why don’t you?
Why did you?
No pain.
No tears.
Just a stirring in the stomach. 138 more words


A Slave To Love Poem |Carrie Murphy

“If you’re afraid of what you’re creating, you are creating something of value.”

A Slave To Love

You made me feel such rage, such disgust… 275 more words


Lost Without Love

Where is my home?
Where is my heart?
To either question, I don’t know.
It’s getting hard to not have love around,
And I think it’s beginning to show. 29 more words




Of the sun star rising, armoring the mountains and the sea alike in armours as if they were knights so glorious, they would rescue all from the night. 157 more words


Elusive Future

Trapped between the slippery slopes

Past and present colliding like meteors

And further out of reach, eluding me at every turn

Lies the vicious future, mysterious and forever evolving… 99 more words

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