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I Want To Conquer The World With You

No I don’t like to sit in the couch watching movies beside you. I don’t like to stare at the wall talking about none sense things, I don’t like to call you 3am in the midnight just to talk about our dreams. 141 more words

I Loved Him Because

Because he was kind.

Because he was handsome and charming. Because I still got butterflies on our 17th date and every time he walked into the room my face lit up like a Christmas tree. 306 more words


Not in the mist of legendary ages,
Which in sad moments men call long ago,
And people with bards, heroes, saints, and sages, 4,378 more words

Love Poem


I crawl into my bed. I sniff the air. It still smells like you. You already came by to collect all your things. I put them in a box. 196 more words


Our Love Turned Into Something Beautiful

I met you in pieces;
you did not save me,
and I did not ask
you to.

I became something
whole; you sat with me…
63 more words

My Darling, Never Believe You Are Not Worthy Of Love

I tried convincing myself I was broken
So I could find the locked cogs in my clock tower
And return them to working condition.
As if life operated like simple mechanics. 582 more words