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could it be

that I have lived

half a lifetime

trying to find

the silence

in the space


the turquoise

& white flashes

of your gaze? 12 more words

Some More Of Love

All the bitter ones said,love is crap,
Don’t do it. It’s so overrated.
All the naïve ones said, oh its life.
Do it when you get the chance. 62 more words


Blocked Love

I want to be with you

 I know you feel it too

But we can’t follow our hearts

It’s like i’m being hit with a million darts… 43 more words

Unrequited Love

Nothing seems in control,
Nothing seems right.
Love could have fooled me,
I would’ve given up the fight.
So what, if he doesn’t know,
That I exist as a person too? 135 more words


A jealousy 

How envious one can be
Of simple sheets
Caressing that special being
Cotton, crisp, white
If only touch were shared.


Poem: i miss you

By: Linda M Crate

i know you are gone,
but that doesn’t stop me from
missing you;
i remember your fierce strength
and your courage and your bravery… 123 more words


The confluence

You are vast huge with no fear yet so clear not near but so dear,
Your waves hustling bustling dashing against my heart I hear, 65 more words