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SYMPHONY (By Cat Matczuk)

You feel like summer,
when sun would rain from symphony,
and eternity. 53 more words


You'll See...❤️❤️❤️

the world rejoice with me

for there is you and me

the world fell in love

as high as a soaring dove

you and me… 18 more words


Guinevere and Lancelot cool it

She whispers his name
to the night
and her voice trickles down
to him.

Across the moon
a skin
crumbles patch by patch
as they watch. 12 more words


What my father tells me in the car about love.

(Translated from Thai)

“When he walks into your life,
Sometimes, he’ll be the right person,
but he won’t love you.

Other times, he’ll love you, 184 more words

Kitsunes Invisívels

energy surrounding, remaining
a suprasensible link
invisible, intangible
yet evident, Platonic,

red hair
falling on feet
petals on the floor
portraying the demise of time… 158 more words


Every word from the other side

When we arrive at the top of the hill,
you tell me for the first time that
everything you do is for me.
The sky feels like shivers and the hill is a mountain… 217 more words

An Oral Response To Receiving Oral: A Lingua Lesson

No, really, you don’t have to do that.

Think of this first refusal as courteousness.
I am opening a door.
This exchange is not about our genders or being polite, 419 more words