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Glowing Gorgeous Green Eyes

Illuminating My Soul

Giving Life to My Emotions

Giving me the Greatest Hope for Love

Butterflies of Excitement

Random Smiles

Dancing through the streets in the Pouring Rain …. 11 more words



I watched you kill yourself over and over remembering the ghosts living in each crevice of you

Unable to forgive yourself enough to let them go… 130 more words

Less Than Nothing :: published in Word Fountain

Listen :: I Hate Myself :: Less Than Nothing

Less Than Nothing

 So what’s the plan?
       He sits on my bed
in his tight blue and white plaid button down shirt, … 333 more words


In the Shape of the Candlelight - #RomanticTuesday #Love #Poetry

Fleeting in the Midnight Air
Like a Half seen Witness,
Borrowing Time and Elemental Fire 104 more words



Low-cut button up

Cut up the paper left for you

I’ll sit outside and wait for you

I’ll sit outside and wait for you

I’ll sit beside and close to you… 110 more words



Burning lips of fire, laced with desire.

The needle of your belonging tortured my veins.

An addictive pain, without gain.

This is what they call the fools game. 138 more words