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The Sight of You

I was stunned by the realization that I was thirsty for the sight of you. I’d convinced myself that I could live with fleeting glimpses of your piercing gaze but my parched eyes told me otherwise. 154 more words


Know Me in the Biblical Sense

I want you to know me in the biblical sense.
cause knowing me biblically
means knowing me spiritually
and when we combine as one
we are spiritually linked… 148 more words



yeah this is true
see, I couldnt imagine it before
Ev-er-y time you walk through that door..
does something to me.
You are like a multi vitamin.. 156 more words


Turning love around

she was a young girl..
not in age..
but in mind..
see.. tho she was indeed
one of a kind
was mentally
and internally.. 196 more words


Love is Here

it was like
we knew each other from another life
you were me, I was you
we were creation
no need for explanation
love transfered… 169 more words


Love's Groove

Another oldie but goodie!

pull me closer
to your love dream
fill my moves
with the feeling..
the beating of your heart’s drum
let us intertwine… 266 more words


Enter Sir Lancelot

Although it’s true
that golden gleams
surround him

and true that every tree
blossoms with a crash
as he goes by

it is a silent seeking… 29 more words

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