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i will not be sated

the sky does not
contain enough stars,
nor the ground pennies,
lost and grimy.
there will never be enough
dandelion fluff
to blow over fields… 109 more words



Throw me up in to the air,
Drop me from a height.
Perhaps you think I’m like a ball,
I’ll bounce and be alright?



Matron, you came and drew
All of me, my point of view
Coupling like socks and shoe
On tattoos real and true.

Injections, my taboo… 60 more words

Romance Poems

Blue eyeballs

Blue like skies, heavens treasures
In your gaze dwells love portion
Change of soul’s good intention
Blinking out guilty pleasures
Bunch of roses, pure emotion… 32 more words

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The Beauty I've Never Been See

A night of peace and rest

visited me at my very best,

under the blue moon shine,

I see you right here

we talked about things all night, 355 more words

Love Poem

everywhere and here

i was overcome by the feeling of gratitude and dissolving into being here. he’s here. with me. with this love so deep.

i wasn’t ready for it to hit me like it did. 109 more words

Caught Between

I Fall Apart

I Fall Apart,

every time you say our marriage is done.

I Just don’t understand,

why you deny me as your man.

I Fall Apart, 56 more words