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she shone in white

a beautiful dove about to take flight

he’d join her up in the sky

soon they would fly

high, high, high

The Bronzed Hills Near Marathon

You carve me in the ledges of your back,
I am hiding in the bronzed hills near Marathon.
It will be a long walk back to the metropolis, 125 more words


Tears are waiting

She covers her eyes with both hands
He looks her from top to bottom wondering
She ask why
He smugly says it’s going to be a goodby… 56 more words


The Woods

the hands are mine – small and pale,
hungry. it is as if a seed has dropped into my
palms, stretching inward

seeking nutrients from a body I have never… 88 more words

From "The Phoenix And The Turtle"

Here the anthem doth commence:
Love and constancy is dead;
Phoenix and the Turtle fled
In a mutual flame from hence.

So they lov’d, as love in twain… 333 more words


When Falling In Love Doesn't Hurt

Falling in love with you has never felt like falling
It hasn’t felt like a scraped knee
A wound needing to be sterilized,
Bandaged up before it can scab and scar, 62 more words


She grew not to love me
till the day she fell
everything she picked up had fallen
even the tears of universal solemn


Her fears in the palm of her hands… 95 more words

Lino Robles