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Everytime it rains, I’d think of you
Every drop of rain is a memory of you
Remember how you turned into rain
And came to my rescue…

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Candid Desire

Warm summer rain,
abandoned coffee,
and overwhelming desire
for kisses in the rain
and salvation found only
in your arms.

Prayers answered
as I worship at your altar, 29 more words

Violet's Poetic Sighs

A song of hope [Poem]

​A day will come when I won’t roam,

I’ll find a home.

The day this heartache,

won’t keep me awake.

That day is not far away I believe, 118 more words


Loves Chasm

She thought to herself
one day you’ll love her
the way you loved me


Makes it hard to fathom
knowing how she had him
deep into loves chasm

Lino Robles

Saying It with Flowers

“Violets contain ionone, which short-circuits our sense of smell.  The flower continues to exude its fragrance, but we lose the ability to smell it.  Wait a minute or two, and its smell will blare again. 154 more words

Poetry Revisited: Luminous Darkness

This poem is part of a series in which I explore old poetry from my school years. The poems capture the same essence as the original with some updated wording and imagery.  346 more words


Why the moon reminds me about you? [Poem]

The light that falls on my eyes,

Is not as bright as the shine in yours.

And the beauty that I see,

Is nothing to what I’ve seen before. 82 more words