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Why Must You Be So Wonderful?

Why must you be so wonderful to me?
Those lips of yours that taste of sweet red wine
Call out to me and beckon, “Come and dine.” 107 more words


Suck Out The Poison

You are mine
The seed of my mind
The sought and the found
I was fraught and now I bind
To you
Who art my soul… 64 more words



Tonight I make a vow of silence

To keep the moments to myself
To not dwell in despair

Tonight I make a vow of silence… 64 more words

I tried to burn every trace of you

Thought I’d be overcome with a sense of relief

But I’m still caged in

A captive to you even when you’re not around… 82 more words



It flies in the pupil.
It dies in the corner.
Wings of glass.
And wet, black lace.
In vivo.
Where once; a face.
It hides the ashes of ruin. 90 more words


You Give Me Mornings

you give my soul a break
from its internal fights
and you give me mornings
in between my nights

you draw me to your sun… 52 more words



Symphony (By Catherine Matchuk)

You feel like summer,
when sun would rain from symphony,
and eternity. 53 more words