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Opened with Lock

He did with ease
Duty of a dove
With Locked lips
Opened the love


Brave and Beautiful

Why does he love me?
She thought to herself.
I am someone who is meant to be alone.
Oh, no, it’s not sad!
It’s brave and beautiful! 26 more words


What I'm Saying

I’m not saying I like you or whatever, so don’t take this the wrong way,

but I am saying that I’ve always been afraid of lightning and baby, 455 more words


I Love It When They Love My Poetry!

Thank you Claralee, Carl, Tamara, Ginger, Lainie, Melanie, Betty, Rita, Elena, Edgar, Craig, Becca, Cathy, Cindy, Louise, Michelle, Allen, Peggy, Betsy, Carol, Beth, M.J., Mary, Felipe, Bertha, R. 12 more words

So Close...

So Close To Me….
A lot inside

Shielded with peace

More I try

I get helpless to speak,
Winds carries her essence

I feel the breathless… 64 more words


I Think We're More Than Soulmates

I adore the thought that we
were born of the same sky,
and everything I was missing is in you.
The rationality and strength landed in you, 131 more words