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When to stop searching

She smiles
And even through the darkest days
Some things shine throught the concrete
Througut the stone wall faces behind  we find ouselves hiding and… 366 more words

Daily Inspiration

Maybe Another Time - Poem

I wish,
We had met,
At another time,
And maybe then,
Without your regret,
You could have been mine,

I know it’s been months,
Since I last heard your voice, 66 more words

Cream, Sweat, Deodorant Infinity

Oh, the scent of her fall
cream, sweat, and deodorant
by the dark bedroom shadows
or morning living room sunlight
by the calls of our heavens… 76 more words



The stars that dot the sky are merely visual, against you nothing holds a candle. To my very existence you are crucial, your absence painful, shaking me down to my mantel. 15 more words

Creative Writing


You’re my motivation to be better,
You’re the light inside of me,
You’re the reason I feel so happy.
You chase away all the darkness in me. 23 more words


You and Me

Nothing’s mine,
Except the silence of nights,
When I lie down,
Tired and aching,
And then, the bliss comes,
When finally, in my mind,
Its just you and me!


Never Committed

Smoke is pouring out of my lover’s mouth,

And he’s growling that he wants me to come back to his house.

Alcohol wets my lips as I shift in my seat, 520 more words