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Stand Firm

October 4, 2016

It is through love
we find our strength.
Through love we learn
We are not weak.

Stand firm my child
Do not buckle… 79 more words


Boucle d’oreille: la lune/perle

The moon is full of dreamy light,
close enough to pluck from the thin night
and place, a pearl, on your earthly ear

as all the while I, too, reflect, 16 more words

Winter Walk

I took a stroll in the park today and missed you, baby
missed your melancholy and your warmth
the smile you spread matching the glimpsing sun, warming my heart… 95 more words
Creative Writing

Free Pizza

We are so 5th grade pizza party

rubber band gunshot giggling

we can walkie-talk all night

or we can use red cups on a string… 49 more words


How To Love - Poem

Kiss her like it’s the last scene of a film,
Every time kiss her like it could be goodbye,
Run your hands along her skin, 102 more words

Undying love

It’s whirling all around me
red, then blue
then yellow, then gold
So intense, I melt into it
Then I explode

I climb so high… 157 more words

Erotic Poems

Is lasting love for all?

I’m starting to think that love is not for all of us… Yes for sure I have loved and yes there has been men in my life. 207 more words