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Daily Prompt: Vanish

Her hair didn’t curl around her face with little ringlets, not it framed her face with harsh rigidity

I swear to God she was the only one who could have woken me from an eternal slumber… 225 more words

In love

​ Smiles Sunshines.

Cranky rains until hollow.

Storms that scream,

And blushing rainbows that follow.

Oh, never did I notice,

Just like me and you… 14 more words


How I wish to be buoyant, a feather drifting in the breeze of a carefree existence, without concern of where or how I land. Where worry melts like cotton candy on my tongue and dreams are measured by the distance of cosmic space, traversing the galaxies. 79 more words


under a sky
the color of a sigh
she turned as she burned

tell me a story
she said
in words forged of lead
tell me a tale… 39 more words



This morning I woke up in an inexplicably good mood
Found lots of granadillas in full bloom on my tree
Walked around the hood listening to Carole King… 47 more words



I slip into your veins like
water cutting through rock.
Slowly permeating, washing away
the silt of your inhibitions and
gently turning from a trickle… 96 more words

Violet's Poetic Sighs

You, me and we

We all love to take pictures, but there are some pictures that are so filled with emotions, that they automatically carve you for writing.

This poem is inspired from such genuine pictures, that make you feel in love just by watching them. 168 more words