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Every Day

His heart beats in his chest

I can feel it.

Every day he lives

Is another day

I get to love him.

Every day he walks on the Earth… 70 more words



With every word
That rolled of your tongue
You lit the sparkles
And it wouldn’t be long
Before the fire started
Were I was broken before
You made me wholehearted

Afraid and confused

And just like that, there’s a change…

He is so in love with her,

All he thinks about is her

All he can ask for is to see her… 42 more words


Moments, that's all I am asking for.

If only I could steal you away

and take you

to a time when time was not yet timed.

So an hour can be a lifetime; 47 more words


Sometimes, I wonder about us.

Sometimes, I wonder if your face will appear amid the blurred lines, lights, and shadows.

That in the middle of all the hallucinations, a sobering image of you will be painted by the still air and smoke. 103 more words


V: A Corny, yet Meaningful Sentiment of Love

You are not the key to my survival
but I know
I want to do more than survive alongside you for as long as I can. 138 more words



Diffuse my once empty eyes

Let me weep with happiness.

Switch on life;

Let it wash over me

I whisper the word

You know it as: ‘Sonya’ 74 more words