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Wet Kiss

Kevin was on a business trip all last week. It’s so nice to have him back, it inspired this little haiku.

He’s returned home. Now, 9 more words

From Rachel

A Little Distressed

The way you speak makes me want to stumble.
Fall down and play your damsel.
I know just the castle to burn,
so you’ll be my hero.
32 more words

Creative Writing


It started out as a whisper.
The sound growing louder, and louder.
Rolling through my veins like thunder.

In my head you became a fever. … 26 more words

Love Poems


Feed me with a cancerous love as soft as an overripe mango
let my spirit shit gold.
Then snatch away the chain of your tumour… 7 more words

Sweetest Lie

You lied to me

You told me, that it was, just, going to be a ride, on your bike

Now, I am not upset that you lied to me; looking backā€¦ 692 more words


That day we lay ...

More than 40 years ago I read a poem by my friend and childhood schoolmate John Marquand that stuck with me all these years. It had something to do with love and a town in Colorado. 184 more words

His Sweater

I finally just gave in to him,
Stopped looking for something better,
And released all pasts and futures
As I eased into the textures of his sweater.