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Is Love Marriage in your Horoscope? Check out to know more.

Love marriage is not a new concept to our society. All of you must have witnessed several cases in the history where a boy wishes to marry his desired girl or vice-versa. 458 more words

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How to determine the genuineness of Psychics?

The way the universe works, there is logic behind everything and every action stems from an earlier reaction to a situation or an event. Though science has explanations for every aspect of life, there are certain untapped energies of the universe that are expressed in the form of supernatural or forces. 210 more words

Spice’s Tarot Card O’ the Week #58: Queen of Wands

The Card:  When I see the Queen of Wands in a spread, it denotes a woman (typically a fire sign) of importance.  It often means actual importance, but can also imply self-importance or someone who thinks they should have been famous or should have taken a path that would have gotten them more respect from others.  878 more words


Love Psychic

I had to know about how my friend really was thinking when we were going back and forth with emails today. Bobby stated he was teasing and flirting with me and wants to be with me and not with his current relationship. 49 more words

Love Psychic


With my psychic ability powers and spirits are unusual and also they are very capable to do what you do not imagine because with your request i can install my magic invisible spirits in you to perform same miracle like me . 187 more words

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Tarot Card ‘O the Week #55: Three of Wands

The Card:  This card is a card of success, typically in business.  Although the Three of Wands does not indicate as much of a hard-won success as many other cards, it is a card that indicates the querent has earned whatever reward they got.  788 more words


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Hi.  My reader name is Spicevicious.  I’ve been reading the tarot since I was a teenager and went pro over 15 years ago.  708 more words