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If I Leave This Earth Before You, Please Promise Me This

If it so happens that, well, my time comes before you, promise me, love, that you will love. That you will find happiness in someone else, that you will find comfort in someone else’s warm heart. 342 more words

This Is What Your Handwriting Says About Your Sex Life

The size of your letters

Small: You’re shy and submissive. After you undress, you want your partner to take charge. To get on top of you and make you moan. 458 more words

To The Person I'll Never Know How To Stop Loving

To the person I will never know how to stop loving: I’m sorry.

I was never the girl who fantasized about being in love. I never spent time as a girl daydreaming about what my wedding would look like. 447 more words

50 Kinky Questions That Will Tell You How Sexually Adventurous You Are

1-10: You’re sexually inexperienced. You’re either a virgin, or you have missionary sex with your long-term partner every night at nine o’clock. No exceptions.

11-20: 531 more words

How It Feels To Be Single

It sucks to be single, especially when everyone in your group of friends is already taken, and you can’t help but feel like you’re way behind in love department, or life in general. 520 more words

How to Accept an Apology

I wanna talk today about how to accept an apology. This may seem like a very simple thing, but often we go about it all wrong. 1,336 more words

Love & Relationships

I Saw You Again And Finally Said It All

I saw you standing across the room with your friends. At first, I pretended that I didn’t see you but the gathering was too small for me to keep hiding all night. 502 more words