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Love after Marriage

Dear Anay,

I talked about Love before marriage here. I post about Love after Marriage now.

Love after marriage is extremely underrated and highly un-celebrated. 2,146 more words

I don't ask for promises anymore

I just realized something kind of mind boggling.

I don’t ask for promises anymore.

Used to be I’d be told “I’ll be there….” or “Wouldn’t miss it….” or the ever-dreaded, “ 190 more words


Ten Tips for Stronger Relationships

My husband and I are often complimented on our marriage and on how well we relate to and love one another. It’s always interesting to me that even people who don’t know us very well notice and make remarks about the closeness that exists between my husband and me. 1,067 more words


5 Reasons You're Only Attracting Jerks

Do you seem to only attract jerks and losers? Does it seem like only weirdoes come out of the woodwork hoping to make you theirs? 1,038 more words

"I just want everyone to be happy."

I had a former partner experience both of his relationships crashing and burning while he attempted desperately to maintain that all he wanted was for “everyone to be happy.” 549 more words

Love & Relationships

I Made A Million And One Mistakes Loving Him, And I Will Make Them All Again

I loved. I lost. I fought hard. I argued. I compromised bits of myself for the sake of love.

I changed my mind. I went back on my word. 508 more words

The Brokenhearted Guy 2

The name of the pub is called “The lovers corner” and as per the usual, every Friday I came in to enjoy some live music. I observed a lot of young folks walking in and out with not one type of demeanor. 1,111 more words