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I'm Not Supposed To Miss Someone Like You

I’m not supposed to be tempted to text you. I shouldn’t be writing out elaborately long messages and then deleting them when my common sense kicks in. 382 more words

Don't you get jealous?

Usually when I tell people that my relationship is unconventional, they have one of two reactions:  curiosity or concern.  Nobody has really shunned me for it.   555 more words


To The One I'm Going To Love Next

I’m already done chasing the kind of love that demands my full attention, time, and heart. That kind of love is exhausting and draining. I don’t want that. 511 more words

16 Signs You're Finally Ready To Find Your Forever Person

1. You know exactly what you want. You’ve finally figured out what you want from a man — and more importantly, the type of man you never want to waste time with again. 667 more words

11 Shitty Things That Happen When You Have A Soft Heart

1. You have lingering issues. You’re the friend everyone comes to with their problems. You’re the one always lending an ear. But that means you… 449 more words

When You Fall For Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Love

They will never give you their all. Everything will be in halves, they’ll never truly express their feelings and when they do, they might not do anything about it. 403 more words

This Is Why You Are Destined To Die Alone

You are going to die alone.

It’s not because you’re hideous — because you’ve gained a little weight and you can never keep your skin clear. 442 more words