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The broken hearted guy

“It is often said that you recognize the worth of something after losing it.” Those were the words I whispered to that broken hearted young man. 564 more words


7 Black Sexuality & Relationship Experts You Need To Know

If you’ve got questions about Black love, the experts on our list have the answers! From books, blogs, and television, to workshops and tours, these influencers in life coaching and sexual wellness are doing amazing things worldwide. 1,025 more words

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20 Signs He Really Is Just That Into You

1. You don’t worry when he doesn’t text you back immediately because he makes you feel confident enough not to. So he’s busy. Who gives? 490 more words

Read This If You’re Still Waiting For Someone To Commit

One of the best moments in life is when you find someone that you’re ready to make a commitment to. Whether this commitment is dating exclusively, moving in together, getting engaged, saying “I do”, or just being able to agree on a damn place to go out to dinner — it feels good to know that this is your person. 525 more words

The Break-Up Survival Kit: How to Make Your Next Break-Up A Little Less Devastating

Within the last year I have lived in two states, worked in two different professions, and had two men tell me that they planned to “spend the rest of their life with me”—both of whom are literally strangers to me now.  586 more words


Loving Unconditionally

In some articles I wrote about “Love & Relationship”, I included blogs and reviews from other writers. These blogs help me a lot in terms of information, an awakening into reality, and serve as a driving force for me to write. 301 more words


10 Reasons To Stop Acting Like A 20-Something Idiot Bro (From A Slightly Less Idiotic 30-Something Bro)

You’re an idiot, bro. It’s okay, though. We all are as 20-somethings, and if you somehow think you’re not, I’ve got news for you: You’re even more of an idiot than the rest of us. 1,543 more words