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I Hope You Stop Blaming Yourself For The Love You Didn't Receive

You lost them because they mistook your ocean for a puddle.

You lost them because they were too weak to fight for someone who would fight for them. 399 more words

5 Things You Experience When You Have No Choice But To Let Go Of Your Forever Person


No matter how great you think you are doing, it still won’t feel right. Everything is just ordinary and will never be extraordinary. Every adventure, every achievements; it still won’t feel complete, simply because you’re not with your true love to share your experiences with. 301 more words

This Is What She Notices When She Falls In Love With You

When a girl falls in love with you, she’ll notice how your face lights up when you smile. She’ll notice how you blink your eyes when you look into hers. 276 more words

He Forgot That He Had To Deserve Her

He forgot the fact that people change. He thought she would stay sweet and calm forever. He thought she would always understand him. He thought she would always be there for him, until the day he never expected came. 447 more words

Darling, Thank You For Making Me Believe In Love Again

I had convinced myself that I could live and survive in this world without a significant other. I told myself I was capable of making myself happy. 549 more words

When She Breaks

When she breaks – you may get a glimpse of it. You may see it fleetingly in her gaze. She pulled the trigger and you reacted. 478 more words

The Monocorn Sanctuary

Over on Facebook, I created an alt profile that’s attached to my scene-name so I could join special groups that talk about kinky shit without outing my “real life” details to people I don’t know that well. 930 more words