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Here's How To Tell If Someone Really Loves You, Based On Their Attachment Style


They take a risk.

Securely attached people are the healthiest of the four, and because they often find themselves comfortable in relationships, you know they care when they start taking risks – whether that’s to be with you, or stay with you. 456 more words

Here’s The Truth About Letting Him Go: You Don’t Want To, But You Must

There’s a reason why things ended the way they did. Maybe timing or distance, maybe personalities or a connection that faded over time. Maybe there was a subtle shift, or a colossal fight that was too big to move on from. 587 more words

Delete His Number

Remove the old texts from your phone, the messages that gave you hope, that made you believe that the two of you could be something. Delete them all. 453 more words

30 'Slutty' Things Every Woman Should Do Before Hitting 30

1. Orgasm in public. On a dance floor. In a bar bathroom. In your car. Anywhere outside of your own home.

2. Find the dirtiest erotica you can and read it in public (preferably on your Kindle). 480 more words

I'm Lying To Myself When I Say I've Moved On From You

I thought I already kissed you goodbye. For the past months that seem to be an eternity, I thought I got over everything and I was so sure that I was OK. 339 more words

A Prayer For The Man I Loved And Lost


I’m thinking about him today. Thinking about the way he laughs and the way he smiles. Thinking about how he used to kiss the tears from my cheeks when I was upset, or place his lips gently on my forehead when I was working, as if not to distract me, but let me know he was there. 571 more words

What You Need To Know Before Loving An Empath

She was wrapped in a blanket, tucked happily into a little ball as only a girl can do, when she looked up from the living room couch. 1,879 more words