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12 Former Players Reveal Exactly How Their Girlfriends Officially Won Them Over

1. “A few years ago I was dating lots of women simultaneously, ditching anyone who demanded ‘girlfriend status’ and literally picking their replacement on Tinder the next day. 1,194 more words

15 Misconceptions About Dating A Lawyer–From A Lawyer's Perspective

During one of my first online dating experiences, a guy who had contacted me found out that I was a lawyer, emailed, “I don’t date lawyers,” and disappeared. 1,512 more words

When Guys Keep Choosing Your Friends Over You

There’s no enemy here. Your friend is not the enemy. The guy is not the enemy. Your own physical appearance is definitely not the enemy. 709 more words

‘Share Only What You Would Like To See On A Billboard’ – Dr. Sherry On What To Reveal In Relationships

There seem to be all kinds of crazy relationship stories in the news lately. Everything from mistresses killing wives to whether Future is butt hurt over… 467 more words


4 Reasons Why You Need a Creative Community

When you’re an artist you discover that support is crucial if you plan to turn your passion into a career. Sure, you can find an abundance of love and support from any number of family and close friends, but the backing of those who can truly empathize with the struggle of honing your craft is particularly special. 604 more words


17 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Keeper

1. You perk up with excitement every time you see him, and when you do you’re reminded just how delicious he is. I mean seriously, you look at him and are like, “ 424 more words

Expect God to do Miracles

Just hoping something will happen for the better, is nice, but there is much more to it. Many of us are hampered by sicknesses and illnesses. 345 more words