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5 Naughty Tips On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Have Sex With You

Sex is paramount especially within relationships. Though it is important for both partners to share and support healthy sexual interactions, for men sex is the foundation of any meaningful connection. 1,013 more words

An Answer For Women Who Are Tired of Being Asked 'Why Aren’t You Getting Married?'

I find it incredibly sad that as a 25 year old female who is graduating from law school and getting ready to start her career at a law firm is most frequently asked about one thing: marriage. 825 more words

I Will Never Stop Writing About You

You are the book that I wish I could read for the rest of my life.

You are the comforting weight and familiarity of cover and pages clutched in hands that have always instinctively reached for something to hold. 201 more words

3 Reasons Your Ex-Boyfriend Was A Piece Of Shit

Written by a recovering piece of shit.

The rumors are true. We, men, are all monsters. Selfish, love-illiterate, and trifling monsters. The new-school call us… 703 more words

I Don’t Believe In Goodbyes

I don’t believe in goodbyes.

That people come into your life and fade without meaning, without purpose, without the promise to return again in some form. 599 more words

16 Men Reveal What They're Thinking When They See Their Girlfriend Naked

1. “She has no idea how beautiful she is.” —Joey, 27

2. “I notice every curve, freckle, scratch, and scar, and I love them all. 215 more words

Love Heals Hurting Hearts

Everyone knows the feeling of being broken. It hurts to the core.  You cannot smile like you used to. You want to forget a lot of things and wish to literally have an “undo” button in order to be back to your normal self. 373 more words