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I Know You Miss Me, But I Don't Miss You At All

I don’t miss you. I don’t miss your exaggerated tales, where I frequently had to read between the lines to differentiate between truth and fabricated lies. 1,144 more words

It's Not That I Don't Love You

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the sound I heard when I was 9 and my father slammed the front door so hard behind him I swear to god it shook the whole house. 313 more words

Being Single Isn't The End Of The World

I’d rather not attempt to fall in love because it’s just easier to be alone than get your heart-broken. But I also thoroughly enjoy being by myself it gives me a chance to get to know myself on levels I never even knew existed. 523 more words

40 Filthy Sexts That'll Make Him Hard While You're Out In Public Together

1. We need to get home ASAP, because I don’t know how much longer I can go without your dick in between my lips.

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Hi B.

I love you B.

Yan yung mga tawag mo sakin na 
madalas padin umaalingaw-ngaw sa’king isipan,
Madalas ko padin binabalik-balikan kahit lalo lang nasasaktan, 
Panandaliang napapangiti kapalit ng habam buhay na pang-hihinayang…

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I'm inlove with the right man...

One year ago, I got involved in a wrong relationship but not with the wrong person…I believe he is the right person but maybe not only for me!? 561 more words

God's Best

This Is How You Chose To Lose Me

It’s funny how our lives are made up of a series of multiple choices. A series of infinite choices, of countless joys and a myriad of mistakes. 529 more words