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When i remember that day, everything is a blur….
but i still vividly remember the tree with the pink  flowers.
Standing in a paradise set about from the outside world. 169 more words

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7 Positive Things To Embrace About Modern Dating That Will Make It A Little Less Painful

Aaron AndersonWhether you’ve been ghosted more than once, or have received one too many dick pics on tinder, we can all agree that modern dating can suck a big one, but there’s got to be some way we can see the silver lining. 17 more words


10 Pieces Of Dating Advice Our Parents Wish They Could Give Us If We Just Shut Up And Listen

o.hatton1. You will never be satisfied with what you have if all you do is keep swiping. You will never get to know someone when you’re already looking for the next best thing, you will never appreciate a conversation when you have ten other unopened conversations. 15 more words


11 Things Every Girl Needs From Her BF In The Age Of Tinder

Leonardo Patrizi1. Hugs. Because this is the simplest way to show affection. Because hugs are intimacy in its purest form. Because a hug says, ‘I missed you,’ ‘I need you,’ and ‘You’re mine.’ 2. 38 more words


16 People Share The One Thing They Love Most About Their Significant Other


“The best thing about my honey is that he accepts me just like I am…no matter what my weight is, what my hair color is, what clothes I wear, how little make-up I wear….etc.

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Gaining clarity.

this is exactly why I blog.

After reading my last piece over and over again. After editing the piece and reading it even a few more times, I’m sold. 144 more words

Cultivating Relationships

The social aspect of our lives is undeniably important for our well-being and happiness. People who have strong connections with others report higher levels of happiness… 395 more words

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