Derek Ramsay, todo-proteksiyon sa love scenes nila ni Lovi Poe sa “The Escort”

Derek Ramsay and Lovi Poe
Very gentleman si Derek Ramsay sa mga leading ladies niya lalo na kung may love scenes.
Sa kanilang bed scenes ni Lovi Poe sa “The Escort” ay todo ang protection na ibinigay ni Derek. 16 more words


Writing Sex

During the last week, I’ve been reading a thriller written in the early 1980’s by Ken Follett entitled The Key to Rebecca.  I’d read his… 644 more words


Khloe Kardashian Trey Songz Making Out

Khloe Kardashian Trey Songz Making Out
Khloe Kardashian Trey Songz Making Out: The triggers seem flying this Fourth of July weekend break in Las Vegas. 26 more words

Writing "The Kiss."

When we think of the romantic kisses we’ve had, I think many of us may agree we consider them a prelude to something greater. A beginning. 456 more words

Coming Up on #RWchat...May 8th: Ambiance

Next week on RWchat we’ll discuss how to infuse ambiance and atmosphere into our writing – especially in love scenes. We’ll talk about tone, language, and pacing, and how to write love scenes that capture mood and still advance the story. 27 more words


Stumbling Blocks

I don’t know about every writer, but I comfort myself with the belief that every writer has a type of scene that is somewhat of a stumbling block….or speed bump on the road to Words on the Page. 200 more words


Is There Such a Thing as Christian Love Scenes?

I received a message from another writer last week that said, “I am an author in the first round of edits with my publishing company. Luckily, they aren’t pushing for an erotic, yucky smut scene between my characters. 1,768 more words

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