Stumbling Blocks

I don’t know about every writer, but I comfort myself with the belief that every writer has a type of scene that is somewhat of a stumbling block….or speed bump on the road to Words on the Page. 200 more words


Is There Such a Thing as Christian Love Scenes?

I received a message from another writer last week that said, “I am an author in the first round of edits with my publishing company. Luckily, they aren’t pushing for an erotic, yucky smut scene between my characters. 1,768 more words

Sherrie Hansen

How to Write a Great (and Not Schmaltzy) Love Scene | Jane Friedman

“ For a love scene to move readers, it must embody the principle of restraint—in dialogue, in description, and in the characters’ actions.”

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How To Write

When you have to write a love scene

A month or so ago I wrote Writing Love scenes without writing love scenes and explained that usually I liked to give my characters a little privacy in the bedroom. 541 more words


Writing love scenes without writing love scenes

Some stories really benefit from some hot and heavy sex scenes. Some do not. Whether or not they should be included is really up to you, but if you believe that sometimes your characters deserve just a little privacy than here are my suggestions for allowing your characters some sexy times without detailing every passionate thrust. 520 more words


It's Valentines and love is in the air - should it be in novels too?

Valentine’s Day and love is in the air—and in my books. I couldn’t imagine writing a novel without a love story and at least a bit of hot sex. 462 more words