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Daily Dose: Sammy Brue, "I Don't Want You To Leave"

This kid is fourteen years old, and has been called an “American Prodigy” by Rolling Stone. Enough said.

Musical Miner

Music Corner Tapes Volume 8

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! That means it’s time to buy yourself (or someone else if you’re feeling generous) a box of chocolates and overload your senses with songs about love. 27 more words


Sepenggal Lagu Cinta

Ditengah deru sepeda motor kesayanganku,

Ditengah keterpaksaan menikmati kemacetan yang tak kunjung habisnya,

Ditemani ribuan rintik-rintik hujan yang perlahan menembus jas hujan merahku,

Disanalah aku… 54 more words

As he kept on smiling.

My husband liked being recumbent

He was lazy in all  of his ways.

I never knew he was  dying

As he kept on smiling.

What can I say in his praise? 230 more words


Near Nashville

He’s lost the whiskey-weight,
ropey biceps coiled under denim.

She leans into him on a wooden bench,
looking out from under auburn bangs.

She is all bone and tendon… 52 more words


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Release Date: 16 September 2015

if ever there was anything
that could change this thing that’s happening
if ever there was anything…

114 more words

the end of it (lyric draft)

you asked me to choose, even though I had no voice. you wanted me to lose, even though i had no choice. that night was the last straw; first i’d heard of it. 186 more words