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Misty Glass Window

Love this song by Artstart

Warning: Don’t listen if you’re going through a heartache :'( What the heck, just grab a tissue.

If you wanna listen to the song then you may click the link below. 133 more words


Roy Harper - Forever - the most beautiful love song ever written.

I prefer the first version of this on the first album, simply recorded live in a make-shift studio. It captures the heart and essence.

It is the most incredible evocation of the love that burns and you think will be there for eternity as the endorphins soar. 221 more words


Flow, My Tears by lafuguelogos

Flow, my tears: John Dowland (performed by Sting & Edin Karamazov)
Lafugue Logos sets
Lafugue Style~Fall in Love with Flowers
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In the mind of a Quixote

I’m of those that dream with liberty
Captain of a sailboat that doesn’t have a sea
I’m of those that live looking for a place… 166 more words


All The Way-Frank Sinatra

I don’t know what it is about this song, but it melts my heart. Maybe it is the sincerity with which it is sung, maybe it’s the simple thought of having someone love whole heatedly and without resolve: a never leave you, choose to never stop, type of love. 111 more words