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An old song, but I like how it makes me feel. Kinda wishing this morning.

We’re getting so much snow.

Hope y’all are staying warm.

❄ ☕❄

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Ever Brighter

Like a candle
Your words light up my heart
Make it glow


Music Monday - Perfect

Every once in a while, a love song comes along that just captures EVERYTHING. This new song by Ed Sheeran is not only entitled Perfect,  24 more words

The Writing Life

The Work of a Lifetime

Head over heels in love
Is easy

But a spark to light the

In love is the work of a


My First Crush...

…was on Penny Robinson from Lost in Space.

I fell so hard for her all those many years ago; as I walked home from school caught a glimpse of the full moon sailing overhead. 47 more words


Your Words My Light

You are my
Most carefully guarded
Secret the

One who lights
Up my heart – sets it
On fire


All Over You

There are those
Who travel to distant lands
Far as the moon

Just to plant
Their flag – claim to have
Been there

As for me… 19 more words