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Let's hope for death

August 2nd

When I arrive at Esther and Vipul’s home, my laptop is dead. I have the following conversation with Vipul.

– I’m sorry for your laptop. 83 more words

Love Stories

Shhhh...I'm fine

I’d say you sound fine, but I’m reading your words
Distilling your line as it twists through my mind
Reading your words through my eyes… 84 more words


When We Were Young

Bear with me for another Adele post.

25 definitely isn’t 21. I felt the former album more at my core. (And I was single at the time – not going through a breakup. 377 more words



Love, Love, Love…
Probably you are already expecting a cheesy monologue about love… I am not going to deny but to be honest I cant agree either. 354 more words


شوق الدوريش .. كل الأحداث الواردة هنا حقيقية

كلمات هذه التدوينة  مأخوذة من رواية شوق الدوريش  لحمور زيادة 

  كل الأحداث الواردة هنا حقيقية .. تمت خلال ست سنوات 


كل شوق يسكن باللقاء لا يعول عليه

Personal Thoughts

Conversations at the intersection of gender and ability

Recently I’ve been working with folks at L’Arche to introduce the idea of my being non-binary to them. A conversation went something like this:

“Hey, I’d like to tell you something important to me. 137 more words


Outgrowing John Green

I started reading John Green out of boredom and intrigue. It was during college, when my classmate brought his “Fault in our Stars” copy out and everyone was trying to get dibs on borrowing (it’s a Journalism class, so almost everyone was bookish). 623 more words