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The Long Summer: 8

“Stop there!” A loud angry voice growled from behind her. Tania froze and turned to the unknown person. Her mouth dropped as her eyes widened to the realization that the person standing in front of her had a gun. 1,484 more words

Romance Series

My Synopsis and Commentary on "A Train Conductor Meets and Aspiring Writer" (Written on October 20 2016)

It has been approximately seven months (March 2016 to October 2016) since I began my series about a train conductor meeting a schizophrenic writer online. What inspired me to start writing this was I wanted to promote some of the values that I had in my “Grocer and Writer” series, without being too offensive and self-righteous. 1,247 more words

Love Stories

Something Inspired by "The Harvest Moon" Video Games (Began in the Spring of 2005)...

The humidity of this late spring afternoon became ever increasing. Trent Connoly had just finished watering his crops when the dark blue storm clouds began to appear on the horizon. 732 more words

Love Stories

Orchard House Part 53: Matthew's Confession

Orchard House: Daily Serial Novel

Part 53: Matthew’s Confession

The drive down the back roads and rural routes to Orchard House was quiet at first. Neither of us turned on the radio or dared to even break the silence. 2,243 more words


Ride The Snake

Waking to the fuzzy feel of the rapidly fraying silk sheets, her naked curvaceous body intertwined with his and, and more importantly, to the comforting knowledge that he was safe. 512 more words

The B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S. Chronicles™

Island Couple (Originally Written in the Summer of 2003)

There is much politically charged content in this story. Most of it takes an anti authoritarian and anti oppression viewpoint. Because I am writing content charged against mostly communism and a little bit of fascism, I don’t think many would be offended. 3,684 more words

Love Stories