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Who Loves Being in Love?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before vol.1)

by: Jenny Han




Goodreads Reading Challenge: 41 out of 50… 163 more words


Never Rest

There is no god for me. Seems discerned by every star in the sky. Calls cry out to empty roads. Miles of asphalt echo back as still as they were before. 63 more words

75. Sober Remorse

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A ragged sigh made it past Samantha’s alcohol seeped lips. It echoed in the stillness of the room, saturated in the haunting moonlight that flooded in through the window lined wall. 558 more words


Just Nothing

There was some manner of smoke at the end of that voice. Flameless, left dingy from where it was at. It was just a trick of the eye that was left back in such unlit corners. 42 more words

For ...

It’s late and the hours turn to dark. No amount of running will catch the sun. No amount of tears upon a pillow. No matter the screams that turn to sighs. 58 more words


What was written upon clouds. Distant in every shade of grey. Those that lie furthermore upon mountains. Clover green trees that layer upon them, and breezes that trail upon their branches. 33 more words

Shimmer and Fade

It’s night and it drifts. Alabaster set against cloud and stars. It’s late, and it’s cold. Wind, the smell of rain, the city winding down. Hands slip, never to be held again. 36 more words