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LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing A Partner

The equality issue

Love is better served when two people play it with a mindset that they are equal, not when one thinks that the other is a servant. 92 more words


LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing A Partner

The platform issue

Two people on different platforms cannot do much since they do not have much in common.

The fact that they are not on the same level shows that they will grow apart when they come together and try to maintain their stances, unless one of them is ready to join the other on his or her platform, or that both of them are ready to move to a new platform where they can carry each other along from the outset. 57 more words

Daily Prompt

Who Knew Singer Harrysong Has A Stunning & Curvy 22-Year-Old Daughter? (See Photos)

Can someone please wake me up ? Who knew Baba For the Girls Harrysong is married ? talk more of having a beautiful “adult” daughter. 79 more words


What is Valentine really about?

Anyone in a relationship will tell you that Valentine’s day is too much pressure. Sending flowers,candlelight dinners and picking out the perfect gift will consume your thoughts and time for the ultimate goal to make that day memorable. 284 more words

Love Talk

Sleeping Beauty

As a little girl, the story of Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Charming used to be my favourite bed time story. I always fantasised about how my own knight in shining armour would come out of the blues, fighting through the thorns and all, arrive at my castle and kiss me out of my slumber and we would live happily ever after. 553 more words


Mildred's Checklist- Pelumi Obisesan

Don’t we all have our long list of what our “Dream man” should be like? Hahahaha….Tall, broadchested baritone voice, financially independent….bla bla bla!, I am sure that these requirements made every lady’s list at one time or another. 1,149 more words

Prima Donnaz

In "Love" or In "Trouble? II

I apologize for being offline for a week! I will try my best to see that the chances of that happening again are drastically reduced.

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