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What Does Love Mean To You? #3

I finally realised why HS asked me this question (or I think I do): We humans, need to understand love and what it means to love before we start throwing it all over the place and using it like oxygen.  1,163 more words


What Does Love Mean To Me #2

Continuing from where I stopped last week (Here), is it proper to equate the way I feel for a meal to love simply because I say I love the meal? 271 more words


How to Attract Her / Him in Right Way [ Part 2 ]

Pagi – pagi gini, enaknya ngeblog, ngemil, skalian lanjutin part 2 nya dari ocehan ko roby, nyok dibaca lah wkkw 694 more words

Love Talk

How to Attract Her / Him in Right Way [ Part 1 ]

Jomblo? atau jones? walah? gabosen sendiri? hmm kalo ud bosen ya bolehlah pantengin ni post ye =) 411 more words

Love Talk

Letter To My Ex

So I saw that yesterday was national ex day this morning. I’ll be writing my own letter today. Call me lastma, I shall not vex. I didn’t even think this would fly today… but here we are! 984 more words

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10 Signs You're Freakin' In Love

Got dumb or dumped? Oh, well. Who says love is a majestic feeling? Nope, not all the time. Love can bring out the freak in you. 1,042 more words

The Subtle Art of Love's Debate

The Subtle Art of Love’s Debate

If you want true love to be your fate,
heed the advice I here relate:
the subtle art of love’s debate… 130 more words