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What if the Placenta Took Over the Galaxy? by Justin Grimbol

Fellow New Bizarro Author Justin Grimbol submitted a fantastically hilarious story for the Love the Placenta! fan fic contest. In his story, the infamous Pussy Bear from Grimbol’s New Bizarro Author Series book… 754 more words

Plaception by S.T. Cartledge, Part 3

S.T. Cartledge is the winner of the Love the Placenta! fan fic contest! The first part of his riveting tale, “Plaception,” is available at Bizarro Central… 702 more words

Radio Silence Ended

I’ve spent the last days sorting through the AWESOME entries for the Love the Placenta! fanfic contest. I received so many wonderful, amazing submissions, and I thank all of you who participated and joined in on the fun… 76 more words

Love the Placenta Entries!

Hola Comrades!

I’ve started to receive entries for the Love the Placenta! contest. They’re strange, and amazing, and funny, and weird and gorgeous.

Keep them coming!

Justin Grimbol Endorses the Placenta of Love

On his website. (NSFW).

On Facebook. (Slightly more SFW.)

It’s super-sexy.