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Holiday Weekend Madness

Here in my Country which is America we are celebrating Independence day; MomandDadwithoutpaws says we are not as Independent as we used to be, but we are still Free. 133 more words

Love Endlessly

A few days ago, the same-sex marriage debacle turned this country upside down. A world already filled with hatred, pride and judgement just took it to a whole new level. 673 more words

Choosing Love Part II

When I think about the goodness of God and all He has done for me, my soul cries hallelujah. I look back over my life and I have endured more pain then I care to think about, but I have also experienced an even larger amount of joy. 553 more words


Inside OWN's "The Have and the Have Nots" and "Love Thy Neighbor" Press Luncheon: A Buffet Of Carbs, Laughs And Crazy

In a time where it seems as if my television is dominated by “reality” shows, it’s quite refreshing to watch anything BUT reality!

(After all – isn’t TV supposed to be an escape from reality?!) 503 more words


This is Love

This is Love

The Holy Spirit showed me:

Every day, every minute, time and time again,

You are blotting out my sins, cleansing my heart. 21 more words


Not White Enough, Not Black Enough

You’ve probably heard the story of Rachel Dolezal in the news: a young woman who is (apparently) “White,” but who some now claim has been… 1,325 more words


Choosing Conflict

We do it all the time. Can’t seem to help ourselves. For example.