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A Beautiful Answer

In my previous post, I lamented that it seems as if no one in the corporate world is questioning the all-out pursuit of profits. The question that anguished my soul was, “Profits! 268 more words

Which line or image grabs you?

A Prayer by Rabindranath Tagore

Let Your love play upon my voice
and rest on my silence.

Let it pass through my heart
into all my movements. 61 more words


Media Experience that Brings Hope for All

Many people in the western world consider subscriptions to services, optins, and upgrades while in places through out Africa, children have little to no food and the basics such as suitable clothing to go to school are hard to come by without generous support. 594 more words

The Swinging Neighborhood

The neighborhood that swings together stays together right?

It’s called “Neighbors With Mutual Funds Benefits”

Anyone catch the first episode of this A&E reality series?  Well I stand guilty after a bath and a bottle of wine that I curiously downloaded the first episode onto my tablet.   65 more words



I have personal knowledge of this subject matter. Two separate people that I know who became friendly with their neighbor, then started looking out for them, ended up being a caretaker and when the elderly person passed away, did what dreams are made of and hearts stand in awe of. 797 more words


Love Thy Neighbour in Islam

Love thy neighbour is a value that shines forth in all true religion. Indeed the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saws) told of how the Angel Gabriel (as) always advised him to treat his neighbors well to the extent that he (saws) thought God may make neighbors inherit each other (this may be found in Bukhari). 372 more words


Sowing Seeds of YES and NO

Oh what a day! It started with lunch with one of my sweet beautiful friends. Then, I spoke to one of my mentors whom I met through work, I saw two of my neighbors whom I adore, and I also practiced praise dancing with one of my baby sisters in Christ. 969 more words