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Long distance relationship tips

Hi angels welcome back to my blog! If your reading this? Your probably in a long distance relationship, like me. In this post I’m gonna give you all some tips on making a long distance relationship work. 348 more words


25 Ways You Can Be Intimate With Your Man Without Having $3x

1. Cuddle with him, and instead of him spooning you, you be the one to spoon him. Let him know that he can feel completely safe and at home in your arms. 787 more words


I Said "Yes"! Now What? – Top 10 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

He got down on his knees, popped the question and with tears in your eyes, you said YES! With adrenaline running through your veins you realize that this is definitely happening. 1,049 more words


The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Could Make When Trying To Move On From Your Breakup

No one ever said that getting over breakups would be easy. But it would be foolish to think that it’s impossible. When it comes to your feelings and emotions, you always have control. 419 more words


Guys ! What To Say When Your Girlfriend Brings Up Her Ex

It happens- Every so often you might hear your girlfriend name drop her ex. And although you aren’t his biggest fan, you understand it’s only natural that once in awhile his name is going to pop up in conversation. 321 more words


Is She My Better Half?

Top 8 Signs She’s the One for You

Being young and single is great, don’t get me wrong. Having the freedom to meet different girls, sleep with different women – and do it all again tomorrow – is one of youth’s many privileges. 1,235 more words