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A Love Outside This Realm

I’m very aware that inside of me, craziness is overflowing,

That I have an unusual, immense, insuppressible emotion.

I simply mean, uncontrollable desire.

That’s why, I’m scared of loving again, and getting the same fate. 807 more words

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Baby Momma Drama - Relationship Advice - Happy Relationship

In this video I give relationship advice to a subscriber who is having Baby Momma Drama! I help her to navigate the question of if she should communicate how she is feeling within her relationship to her man! 34 more words

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What do you think about when you think about love? Hearts and kisses? Is it the people who you love? Do you think about the warm feeling your body gets when you love someone? 738 more words

How to Find a Husband - Christian Marriage - Relationship Advice

In this video I share relationship advice how to find a husband. More specifically, I share how to find the right guy to marry. I give specific tips on what to look for and consider when making this very important decision! 26 more words

5 Powerful Law Of Attraction

“I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.  ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning “

  • Love yourself. Loving yourself and accepting YOU for who you are raises your level of vibration.
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Relationship Advice: 10 powerful steps to ensure a strong and healthy relationship... 

Of course, it is everybody’s dream to improve their relationship and maintain a strong and healthy relationship. But there are certain things you must do in order to achieve that dream, which has to do with.. 898 more words

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The Secret of a Long Lasting Relationship and a happy marriage 

How to have a long lasting relationship? How to have a happy marriage? These are just some questions we have in mind once we failed on relationship or before getting into a relationship. 610 more words