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Free Love Tips In Tamil | Formula Of True Love

Watch Formula Of True Love Video in Tamil ! Apply this Formula to Success of Love.Which is the right age to fall in love? Which is best love? 9 more words

Why married men won't leave their wives for side chicks

It’s almost as if men who cheat get a high off shuttling between their marital responsibilities and extramarital affairs.

Cheating among married men » has become so commonplace. 549 more words


Why single women find married men attractive

More unmarried babes are becoming attracted to married men, and intentionally seeking them out for relationships. Here’s why.

While there are quite a number of possible relationships which are unusual » and scandalous » , there are some which are just flat out wrong – the most common of this, from a Nigerian context, being the unending love between married men and unmarried women. 651 more words


Here are ways to have fun in your celibate relationship

What can you do to stay happy in a sexless relationship?

For people in celibate relationships, that is, relationships where nothing sexual happens, the usual question is: 252 more words


الحب هو...

من يُحبك لن يترك قلبك يتساءل من أنت لهم..

من يُحبك ستجد حياتك معه تكتمل ..

وكأنك حرف بين كل حرف وحرف من كلماتهم ..

فالروح تأنس بالحبيب وإن غاب تجد أشواقه تسبق غيابه ..

وغير المُحب لغيابك في راحة .. فوجودك مثل العدم ولا زيادة ..

فكفاك حُبًا لمن لحبك تجاهلاً ..

واحفظ قلبك لمن يبذل في حبك فيستحق قربك ودعك ممن سواه ..

فلا حاجة للروح لقلب لا يرى فيها سلواه..

أثناء القراءة، استمتعوا ببعض الموسيقى الهادئة في قائمتي الجديدة:

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