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From the Notebook: Top 5 YA Trope Turnoffs

Hey guys! This week, I try to contain my ranting to a minimum while discussing the top 5 things that make it really unlikely for me to pick up a YA book. 54 more words


Cheating: hide or not to hide?

Can we say that we didn’t commit adultery, if the partner does not know about this? If a person cheating, he trespassed. Mechanism of fraud is such that people, are forced contantly to lie, gradually turning away from themselves, from the part that lives little secret life, there is a splitting of personality, it creates tension, the partner becomes an irritant, he gets not only a life together based on lies, but also undeserved hassle.There are people who prefer to live in blissful ignorance and do not know about the cheating. 111 more words


Katniss Everdeen and the Female-Led Franchise

The smashing success of The Hunger Games is not so surprising. The dystopian and action genres have long been popular with audiences, particularly because they often come with political messages that relate – or don’t relate – to our current issues. 2,145 more words

Film Theory



Leah’s phone lit up, the blue light casting an eerie glow in her dark room. She was in her usual position, lying completely still on her back, with her hands folded over her stomach, like a corpse. 994 more words


I Fall In Love In Threes

I hit the buzzer and shift from foot to foot at the front door. I glance at my phone and realise I’m early as usual. The spring day is so refreshing compared to the dark of the winter so I turn around and cross the street, to stroll the neighborhood while I wait. 674 more words


Book Review: Air Awakens

Air Awakens (Air Awakens #1) by Elise Kova
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 377 (paperback)
Publisher: Silver Wing Press
Release: August 27th 2015

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars… 384 more words


Set Schedule

Ever have that feeling when you are driving to work or riding to school that you just get lost in the motions? Like when you’ve looked out that same window, seen that same route, that you just began to drift on, not to sleep but just into your thoughts, in a way where you are just going through the motions. 543 more words