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Book Talk: How Do You Really Feel About Love Triangles?

Hello Bookworms! I’m here to bring you a topic that I’d like to discuss with you! You’ve all heard about it and you’ve all probably read at least¬† 789 more words

Bookish Thoughts

Next Segment: Write In the Middle Of It

“What did you just say to me?” Mekayla blurted out between sobs.

The cabby looked at her via the rear view mirror and softly smiled, “I asked you if you wanted a napkin to wipe your face.” He handed her a napkin over the seat. 3,264 more words


Next Segment: Write In the Middle of It

“And what is your relationship to the victim?” The admissions clerk asked over a desk.

Pete cradled Sadiah’s delicate, bloody frame in his arms like a baby. 1,195 more words


Next Segment: Write In the Middle of It

Mekayla paced back and forth in her loft for what seemed like an eternity. Out of habit, she found her cigarettes and inhaled three back to back. 1,644 more words


Weekly Tea Discussion: Love Triangles

Girl meets Boy.

Girl and Boy immediately have an attraction and either start a relationship or do a dance around their feelings.

Then another Boy enters the picture. 718 more words


10:30 on a Summer Night by Marguerite Duras

10:30 on a Summer Night operates at a slow boil. The noir-ish 80-page novella follows a French couple, Pierre and Maria, on vacation in Spain with their four-year-old daughter Judith and their friend Claire.   319 more words


Write In the Middle of It: Segment Ten

Still sobbing, Mekayla flung open the door the door to her loft letting it bang up her amber painted wall. Unaware she left the door open, she quickly shuffled to her computer desk, took out the drawer, and flipped it over on top of the desk. 3,379 more words