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An Open Letter to This Fucking Weekend

Trigger Warning: Rape

Hello weekend. Did you have an enjoyable time? I’m sure you weren’t thinking of me when you planned for my rapist to get married. 1,381 more words


Love + War

You should be my ritual, gravitational force
But I get so scared to let you know the devil in my thoughts

Love and war
Can fill your heart ’till it bursts, lift your feet off the earth…

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She has suitcases full of clothes; scarves she folds and refolds and saves for the coldest winter day,that dress she will wear when the weather is just right, those cute shoes that just need a fresh coat of polish or glue to hold them together. 94 more words


And the Winner is...

Her! She won! For once she accepted whatever was to come, accepted all the possibilities. She owned her throne, put a smile on her face and adorned herself in beauty. 36 more words


Follow The Blogger

This is the space to be in! Immdediate likes to what I sometimes think is absolute rubbish and followers that just keep piling up -16 might be nothing for some of you, but for me, it is millions and millions! 26 more words


Give Up

She gives up easily-no, that’s not true- she gives up just before the end comes. Just before the last script and towards the end of that gruelling gym set. 44 more words


            Soul Survivor                                Blog Part II "Pedestal"

My roommate had left campus for the weekend and I had our small dorm room to myself. I was standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear for our first date. 1,102 more words

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