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Her Lion

She loves a man who knows how to take what he wants. She likes him unapologetic about it and she likes him not to ask for permission to have it. 101 more words


Revolving Door

He was coming to pick her up! Her heart quickened and her breathing escalated. “It’s not what you think”, she said to the wide eyed bantu and stomach knotted dork that staired back at her in the mirror. 247 more words

Poundtown with Johnny.

Ah, life’s paradise destination. I mean, lets be real, when you are young and an absolute idiot like myself, finding the path that leads to Poundtown is equivalent to winning a marathon. 1,056 more words


Men Just Don't Get It

Full disclosure: I don’t hate men. Men are beautiful.

There are many things we will never understand about our opposite sex. So here I have compiled a list of things that due our sex, men will never understand about us women. 122 more words



I just keep talking and it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. I can feel it. If it was ever redeemable, I’ve ensured that it isn’t anymore…. 11 more words


He has a name, an occupation, likes and dislikes. He is no longer faceless. I no longer wonder who or where he is. He is here. 119 more words

"A Metal Wall!": the first poem.


A Metal Wall!

The low paved platform is today crowded;

it is well-cemented to hold the heavy walkers;

except a man of metal ingredients is unloaded; 208 more words

Symbolic Poems