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When It's Good 

Something inside crumbles -no, melts. It starts in the middle and everything gets hazy and mushy. A really good song has its own personality.It’s in a guitar lick or a bass riff or a chord progression, that sweet sweet melody or velvet harmony. 41 more words


What Now

She’s put pressure on herself to keep it going- to keep the sentences going back and forth. She can’t help but feel less of a tug from the other side. 57 more words



Sigh… The only thing I can stifle out of me as I read the closing lines of this novel. Is that it? Is this all it boils down to? 70 more words


I'm Outchea

Me: eeeeek! I can’t wait! This is so cool! It’ll be so much fun! Maybe we’ll- or you’ll -I really hope you- eeeeeeek! I’m gonna burst, I swear… 50 more words


The Art of Losing

I finished this novel this morning. When you lose someone you love, you do everything you can to stay close to them. You keep their things and try to remember the last time you saw them and the last thing they said to you. 49 more words


The Lull

The price she pays for peace of mind is silence; a lull during which there are no ripples in the water, it is quiet; not a breath of wind or movement. 105 more words


Jet Ski Kisses, Ex Boyfriends, & Black Bean Burgers


I’ve had a very strange 4 days that I really feel came full circle today. If you are into self reflections and long ramblings about silly life stories, then this post is for you. 2,001 more words