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Homeland Problems

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. The corner is small, it’s restricting. Things that have no place anywhere else, they are put in a corner-things that don’t belong, things that are not… welcome -things, not people. 72 more words


Parental Guidance

She was a down-to-earth village girl with a naughty spark in her eye. He was a village boy too but with a hunger for something better – anything better. 95 more words



Give me music that makes me cry on my worst day and smile on my best. Give me lyrics and harmonies and riffs and melodies that make me put it on repeat. 55 more words


The Aftermath

The dust settles at some point… all that’s left is rubble and…. mess – in her heart anyway. So now it’s about remembering. remembering how she survived it before… How did she do it in the past? 52 more words


My Dear Potflower

I got you so I could learn to love something. I tried everything. I watered you twice a week. I got you a potflowersitter when I was away. 138 more words



I forbid my learners to use pencils in class.You see, they strive too much for perfection. They write everything in pencil then rewrite it all in pen and, like magic, they produce perfect work – but all the content incorrect. 170 more words

Love & War

Life is Messy

Allow me to divert for a moment. I hope it doesn’t make me less black that I’m reading a book by a white American woman, but right now, I’m relating to Amy Poehler like you can’t believe. 79 more words