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Negative Nancy

This was gonna be a negative post. But it can’t be that anymore and here is why:

God goes before us and although he doesn’t take us on detours to avoid problems, he provides ways for us to solve life’s hiccups ( lamp unto our feet) And knows our destinations ( light unto our paths). 132 more words



This hit home and I want to keep these words FOREVER because they are PERFECT and HONEST and PLAIN and TRUE




I’d like to throw you back and throw this forward to the furthest corners of my future. I’d like every piece of my being to be at peace that I may never self-sabotage again. 13 more words



She hated those quotes about the end being really the end of a chapter that led to a better one. It wasn’t true. She was gagged and tied to this chapter. 27 more words


Moving On

“Is this the girl that-“, She cut her off right there. You see, they were treading into waters that were too deep. If these two kept going, they would become everything he said they are. 32 more words


Drop It and RUN!!

Burdens are funny things. They strain our backs and render our strides crippled. We know we must put them down because…

And so we drop the burden if only because it has become too heavy. 159 more words


Mended Bridges

She stood up as many did before her and waited for her accolade to be announced to the attendants. He paused for a moment and their eyes met. 64 more words