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Love & War

Her veins are filled with love and pain

For her, the two are one and the same

Never separate, never far, filling every beat of her heart… 44 more words


You are Missing from Me

I miss home when I’m missing you.

You feel like my childhood pictures, mom’s home cooking, comfort, affirmation, my mom’s voice, laughter, being carefree and worryless, a beautiful song. 24 more words



I’m done fighting. I’m done with philosophies and quotes, maybe even morals.This is how I stay sane. This is the best way to keep going at a momentum that is good, the best way to be a superficial kind of happy. 10 more words



The miserable grey clouds have cacooned us in their layers of misery and send downpours onto our heads and roofs. The rain seeps into our shoes and dampens our feet. 99 more words



I think it will be a sad day when Valentine’s day becomes a day to ignore. I think love is a beautiful thing and comes in all forms and sizes, all of which leave our hearts full. 59 more words


#Results: AOW (@aow_uk) "Love & War" *FULL Results*

Date: 11/2/2017
Promotion: Alpha Omega Wrestling
Event: Love & War
Venue: The Carleton, Morecombe
Source: Craig Hermit

Match Results…

AOW Tag Team Championship match
Champions, Solar Power (Cyanide & Robbie Solar) def. 91 more words



“I want a relationship”. It used to be an expression of a geniune desire out of hope that he would say “Yes, let’s do it!” Now, it’s a loaded gun, a form of defence because she knows that those four magic words will have him walking backwards towards the door, hands in the air and eyes on the barrel, begging her not to shoot.