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I feel like you’re watching me. Looking over my shoulder and reading my ramblings.I feel like you’re unraveling my symantic digressions, decoding my every word.There’s nothing to see here. 26 more words



Ours isn’t a beautiful mess.After all, as beautiful as a mess is, it’s still just that: a mess.

Ours in an empty room with all the space in the world. 90 more words


Don't Do that

Don’t toy with the line then laugh it off when you’re called on your bullshit! Don’t do that! Don’t blatantly objectify then deny it when you are denied it. 35 more words



Be patient. The flutters will come. At first they will frighten you because they are a reminder of when…

Be patient. Soon it will feel safe and you will no longer be dipping just your toes in, but your legs and your shoulders will be invited in too. 36 more words


An Ode to the Little Things

Bob Marley: a true poet in my books. A man who never held on too tightly to the things of the world and thus lost very little. 137 more words



Faith is when you nip your potflower in the dying, whithering bud because it’s Spring time and one needs to make room for the new. Faith is watering what appears to be a mere bush twice a week because it’s just a matter of time before a fresh buds grows back and new colour flourishes.Faith is exciting when there is a guarantee of an outcome. 50 more words


Friends with Benefits

What do you guys think about this type of Relationship? Could you do it? Tell me your thoughts…..