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Kodaline 'Coming Up For Air' album review

Kodaline’s second offering, despite being an uplifting and all round quite pleasant album, is a bit bland in comparison to their first record- which is ironic as more has gone into the production of it. 354 more words

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Storsjarmør til Parodi Grand Prix

Lørdag går årets siste kvalikrunde av stabelen på Bar Barista i Bergen. To gullbilletter til finalen i Grieghallen lørdag 3. mai skal deles ut, og vi presenterer denne uken rundens deltakere. 188 more words

Parodi Grand Prix

Carrie Cleveland - Love Will Set You Free (1980)

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Now for a slice of classic northern soul prior to a weekend break. Carrie Cleveland was an Oakland resident and regular performer in the Bay area in the 1970s. 26 more words


if you love someone follow your heart

So graceful and pure
A smile bathed in light
No matter the distance
A miracle of sight

Though I should have known
I could not turn away… 65 more words

Love is the ultimate freedom

Love is the ultimate freedom. It is not a chain to bind you but the bond that can set you free.
Love is.
And there is no isn’t. 42 more words


Love Will Set You Free

Love has the power to conquer all;
From biggest of wars…and the grudges that are small.
It has the power to thaw out the coldest of hearts; 162 more words

God's Love

Love will set you free.


I’ve just heard this song from Eurovision this year. This song got second last place, quite of .. difficult to understand (atleast with me). However,I don’t tend to discuss about Eurovision anymore, there is a plenty of discussion about Eurovision on the internet now, you guys can google it ^^ 349 more words