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Polish Gay Couple Allowed to Marry in Portugal

Jakub Kwiecinski and David Mycek have recently got the right to marry in Portugal. The couple is known for their videos to famous songs which they produce in order to increase the visibility of the LGBT community in Poland. 77 more words



There’s this term



To be stripped


And Sifted

See, we’ve been tripped up

By the things they’ve conjured up

Held as truth… 87 more words


I Love My Lesbian Mom

I was asked: “How would you feel if your mother told you she was gay?”

If I wasn’t thinking in realistic terms since my mother has been married to my father for 28 years, and a revelation like that would break his heart, then I would be all for it. 770 more words


Coming Out

I came out on the 1st of April, 2016. The fact that it was April Fool’s Day just gives you an insight into how terrible my sense of humour is, but anyway. 1,273 more words

Be The Change Music Video by Orbit Monkey

I love the message of this video and couldn’t agree more. Each and every person can make a difference in this world and even small gestures of love and care can help to heal it. 43 more words


So little to say

There used to be soooooo much to say,
And now there’s really very little.
The mess of our societal dialog is chaotically described well enough by so many voices, even now those voices who created that chaos we favor now. 66 more words


To her door


I just keep taking

Tiny little steps

Completing each part

Of this herculean labor

One task at a time

And now it is so much smaller… 42 more words

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