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Does Jesus Give Bad Advice? Church and Isis Part 2

I’ve come to see that Christianity is starting to have a major personality split. Maybe it’s not a new thing, maybe my seeing it is new. 804 more words


"Bring Love To My Thought"

I know everything is made up of energy, and love is the most powerful energy of all.

I also know our thoughts create our reality. 158 more words

Portrait of a Mixed Marriage

Politically, my husband Steve and I have a mixed marriage: he has traditionally identified as right, conservative, Republican; I as left, liberal, Democrat. In a nigh-unto-election year, should either of us be persuaded by the political media machine that urges us to adopt these broad labels as essential truths, we would likely spend the first year of our marriage in warring camps, chary adversaries if not flat-out enemies. 715 more words

Our Love Story

To Love

What does it mean to love? Is love a selfish act or a selfless one or something completely autonomous and neutral until acted upon by an outside force towards virtue or vice? 222 more words


Message From SaLuSa ~ 19 November 2015

SaLuSa 19 November 2015 

We are now in negotiations with your Governments for disclosure and first contact. By working together we can bring forward the necessary changes so the New-Age can proceed with all haste. 1,390 more words

Love Wins

Did you see the Facebook post by Frenchman Antoine Leiris after his wife Helene was killed in the attack on  the Bataclan nightclub in Paris?  What extraordinary strength, love and valor.   342 more words


3rd WW

Trying to force myself to write something just isn’t working for me. That’s why I didn’t publish anything on Monday. I have nothing and too much to write about. 249 more words

The Passing Of Life