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You've got a Boyfriend? Cool. He doesn't get Husband privileges.

CONFESSION TIME: Sometimes I see a title like this one, and I automatically scroll past it because I don’t want to feel convicted.

With that being said, if you’re here, WELCOME! 1,424 more words

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Love Yourself As God Does (Saturday Devotion)

Image created with Wordswag; used with permission.

Morning devotion: Receive God’s love for yourself. Love yourself. Then love God and your neighbor as you love yourself. 1,008 more words

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Not standing here or anything 

So babe and I are in a store waiting to be cashed out and the cashier is putting stuff away, sees us standing there and continues putting stuff away. 16 more words


This is a blog about us. Our lives. Our lifestyle. Our love. Our family. Our pets. Our adventures through life. All around this is us. I’m N. 169 more words

Norah's Ark and The Nun Who Lived

Only once have I ever risked being catapulted out of an abbey for one of my (n)unorthodox (n)underground news publications, and that was when I was serving as Editor in Chief of The Shabby Abbey Grapevine (The SAG). 3,577 more words

I’ll Always Root For Your Relationship

There is something about the love you share that is undeniably real and raw. There is something in the way you look at each other that says forever. 476 more words

Gay is not a bad word

As a parent there are many times when you are going to have to explain ignorance to your children.  They are surrounded by it every single day.   343 more words

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