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Surprised at how life and time coordinates like x and y.
Amazed at how love dominates this world of pain.
Still, thou shall not be afraid to love.

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Only Love Will Guide You

There is no other answer.
Not purity.
Not righteousness.
Not power.
Not rules.

No book or map.
No speaker.
No leader.
No thing you can buy. 94 more words


Life is Good

Been way too busy to sit in front of the computer for the past month, so whoops. Not only did my soul mate and I reconnect closer and better than before, we know we will be together for the rest of our lives. 158 more words


When Someone Gets It

The best, most useful analogy you can use to understand homosexuality is heterosexuality.

A powerfully written piece from a layman’s perspective.

Homosexuality: What’s Next for the Conservative Evangelical Church?


Italy gives legal rights to gay couples

ROME – Italy joined the rest of Europe on Wednesday in giving some legal rights to gay couples after a years-long battle and opposition from the Catholic Church to anything that smacked of authorizing gay marriage. 241 more words


Hyper-grace Love-wins Grace-revolution Garbage!

We make the gravest of mistakes in desiring to puff up the flesh in others. We think it of utmost importance to get the outward appearance and performance of the flesh looking and acting good. 798 more words