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it was yellow, the leaf
the other was blue
if we’re together, maybe
they said
they’ll accept us
as the green that we are


Love Wins.

True or not – a government employee should never be involved in something like this.

A scandal of sorts.

In the corporate world we are not so forgiving of “integrity” issues. 118 more words


LeAnn Gardner: Everyday Theology: Subversive Hope

If you are anything like me, the energy and current of our world can squelch my hope in the future in a matter of seconds. I start to fear for my boys, and before I know it, I’m parenting out of fear. 1,254 more words

Ministry And Motherhood

Media Reports: Are we being gaslighted?

I woke up today reading an online article on Inquirer.Net.  written by John Nery.  Headline reads:  “Duterte:  “We planted evidence .. (and) the intrigues”.

It made me question my sanity.   776 more words


Love Sums It Up

Don’t you love it when Jesus keeps it simple? In case you have a hard time keeping track of the Ten Commandments or other do’s and don’ts, all you gotta do is love. 243 more words


I Will Not Allow The Haters To Destroy My Inner Peace From Jesus Christ

We all face haters at some point and they can say some pretty hateful things, but we have to remember they hated Christ before they ever hated us as individuals… 216 more words