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There has never been a more fitting motto for a band: Good Music, Good People

I am so excited to finally be writing a post about the band Family and Friends. I’ve wanted to for some time but just haven’t found the words. 932 more words



Athens, Georgia-based folk rock collective Family And Friends will be performing in Nashville this Saturday at Musicians Corner, a glorious (and free!) summer concert series here in the Music City.   696 more words


Valentine Shmalentine

It’s been 8-and-a-half months since my last blog post so I figured you were recovered enough by now to handle another.

So, listen.  I’ve been out of elementary school for (…..) years – when did classroom Valentines between students become an EXTRAVAGANZA?   294 more words


Love you, mean it.

Thanks for reading for over two years, friends.  I did more writing than I thought I would. Now, as my life changes and evolves, I have new hobbies and new things going on, and don’t find the time to be here as often. 34 more words

Family and Friends - Love You Mean It

Family and Friends

Love You Mean It

Released: 9 January 2014 (Self Released)

By Joe DeBonis

        Athens, Georgia is a truly magical place when it comes to music. 521 more words

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Love You.... Mean It.....

This has now become a family line thanks to our friends Jodi and Forrest.  Anytime the one says something wrong the other comes back with Love You Mean It.  574 more words


Well hello, hello there, my darlings!! Guess who has returned from their very long hiatus with a new lease on the written word? …

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