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I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching Red Winged Blackbirds when I lived in Minnesota. When they fly, the flash of the red, orange, and yellow catch your eye. 847 more words


Strangest(ers) Cabin Fever

This is the strangest version of cabin fever I’ve ever had. Just the fact I think there are “versions” of cabin fever should be evidence enough that we’re not in Kansas (or Texas) anymore. 475 more words


Thorn in My Flesh

Recently a friend called while my guy was taking a nap, so I went outside to talk to her for a few minutes so that he could sleep. 363 more words


Yes, Even The Gentiles

It is election season in the US. Namely, the one everyone really cares about is the presidential race. As an American, I believe firmly that this time ought to be a time of rejoicing. 1,064 more words

Love, Thank, Repeat...

“Love, Thank, Repeat”
John 13:31-35
Pastor Todd Buegler
April 23-24, 2016
Trinity Lutheran Church

Grace and peace to you from God our creator, and from Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. 1,773 more words


"Sometimes love just isn't enough."

I’ve heard this phrase time and time again, even uttered from my own mouth.

But it is wrong.

Love is always enough. Love is more than enough. 507 more words



My guy and I were on a trip to Spain last week, we traveled from the northernmost tip to the South border of the country and saw so much beauty, met some wonderful people and ate delicious Mediterranean food. 382 more words