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Wait Your Turn

Every city has a different way of driving. Just because you know how to drive in one city, does not mean you know how to drive in another. 521 more words


God Created One Race, Human 

Morning Devotion: God created one race, human. Cleansing from the sin of racism.

In Genesis it does not say, “Then God created asian people, latino people, jewish people, native people, white people, and black people.” It said God created Adam and Eve. 823 more words

From The Author

All Hands on Deck

Abba Father,

IT IS TIME  -ALL HANDS ON DECK!  Lord I pray we will not sit back and become silent. Lord I pray we will become engaged in the process. 344 more words


Do You See Me?

In tenth grade our daughter decided to become a rugby player. Our sweet, creative, incredibly dramatic daughter who is not terribly athletic wanted to play a violent game that we knew little about. 309 more words


Message Monday 1/16/17 - Love Your Neighbor: The Unlikely Neighbor

Chuck Foremans – Teaching Pastor

Many of the parables Jesus told have become so familiar to us that perhaps we’ve missed what He was really saying. 204 more words

Message Monday

Know Your People

I am meeting with my boss in a little while. He doesn’t really seem like a boss, it’s a part-time job that I get to do from home, exactly the kind of work I need to do to keep me busy and fulfilled and I’m working for my best friend’s company. 413 more words


Quick hit: Oppose Texas SP6 anti-transgender bill

Last week, the lieutenant governor of Texas announced the filing of SB6: another of the “bathroom bills” that have become weirdly popular of late. 216 more words

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