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i used to think you were sent to me

a gift from above for all to see

i am your angel to protect and provide … 139 more words


Because I loved a man...

It has been 3 days since he had been laying in the ditch with suppurating wounds. The alley was deserted as always, not a single soul to be seen anywhere. 294 more words

Comparing—Friend or Foe of Happiness?

By Maria Fontaine

Comparing ourselves with others! We all do it in one form or another. We want to be better, stronger, more beautiful, more gifted. 1,509 more words


to pinion zilch

To soar, to pinion zilch

I pilfer a handful of clouds bestriding me

From the luminous colossi of your eyes

Numberless ciphers proliferate

In the azure sheen of my wings


Bright star

Image: Andrew Coles, Pixabay

1. Bright star,
Bright Son,
Bright life,
Bright light.

2. Dark dread,
Dark prayer,
Dark deed,
Dark night.

3. Black scorn, 534 more words