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The Fruits of Forgiveness are exceedingly sweet

Without forgiveness, love is not true

Letting go of the past is one of the hardest things to do in life. Forgiving people for their wrongdoings are even more challenging. 158 more words


A friend-turned-stranger

For someone who says she only knows how to love, why did you leave me before we could find it in each other? You told me you would write about me while I looked at the moon and you left me without line of poetry to seep into my heart. 286 more words


A ego runs amok

A tale of the ego..

Ms X was driving her very very expensive brand new sports car.

She parked & opened her door roadside, Crash, Splat, Crunch..as a passing car hit her opened door ripping it from it’s hinges. 84 more words


Erring on the side of love.

We tend to judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. What that looks like in practice is forgiving ourselves for a lot of things–selfishness, neglect, mistakes–that we don’t forgive anyone else for when the same harm is done to us. 91 more words


The Lady and The Demon

She Walked,
It Followed.

She Sat,
It Kneeled.

She Touched,
It Smiled.

She Loved,
It Felt.

The demon always follows the lady. It is almost her shadow. 190 more words

The Waiting Room,

I opened my eyes to find myself in a waiting room,

A voice said to me, “Choose which world you desire to be born into.” 44 more words