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I remember you

I remember you,
In other times and different places,
Other smiles, on different faces.
Sacred vows and roles, different gender,
Sometimes cruel, sometimes tender.
Father, mother, sister, brother, 233 more words

2 Minute Noodle Doodles

What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

Are you poisoning your own mind?  Are you putting toxins in your body without even knowing you are doing it?  What are you feeding your spirit? 195 more words


On My Mind

I woke up with you on my mind

Your being feels my every sense

I feel safe in your presence

You’re the reason I exist… 24 more words



eat my
draw breath
and see
the raw mist.

call the
and captured
in real time.

my brain
high anxiety… 38 more words


"Some/  /Words"

I’m not creative enough to even imagine my subject titles are remotely catchy. So, conjugating a two word phrase across these last three posts is a sad attempt at appearing cleaver. 249 more words

May 16, 2017


How would she view me, naked? (Thoughts upon leaving shower).

I’ve got a ‘trainer’ friend (fitness) and he told me, once, “most people who come to me, want to be healthy and basically feel good about themselves without any clothes on… 514 more words