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Oh how lovely it is to find my thoughts in order

Neat. Tidy. A fence around their border.

Not scattered. Not shattered.

They used to be so tattered. 98 more words


O x 7

Seven. SEVEN? WHAAAAT? How? When? A minute ago he was turning one. Waddle walking around and climbing onto the couch. Now he’s seven. Running, jumping, parkouring off of my furniture seven! 704 more words


Possessed by God

Blessed are those
who stop trying
to possess God
and are content
to be possessed by God.

© 2017 Dennis Ference


Love your challenges

Love your challenges.
The challenges in your life are specifically made for you by you.
They are the keystones that will teach you, guide you, transform you into something great. 8 more words

See You Tonight

see you tonight, he said,
hyphenating the last word,
biting on the feeble dash,
scattering crumbs of day and dark
into the space between us, 108 more words


Why miss me if I was unsatisfactory?

When the music’s turned on, and this emptiness begins to settle in, turn the lights off and cling to your shallow feelings. Follow the lullaby- it sings for you and me. 96 more words


Poets Pen: Silent

There are words I dare not speak

and some I will forever keep

Because to tell you how I feel

would mean my fate in flames to seal. 92 more words