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Notes to My Daughter: "The Value of Friendship"

C.S. Lewis beautifully characterizes the beginning of friendship in this phrase: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself…” You see? You genuinely connect with another once you’ve discovered that parts, the not the whole of their story, is similar to yours. 445 more words


Once More on God's Faithfulness and His Promises

How I cherish the promise given to us in this passage pondered in this devotional from Day by Day by Grace from Bob Hoekstra.  I know I will be preserved blameless until Jesus calls me home, which may be very soon. 517 more words


Remembering my Past -2

It was going to almost a month since we stopped chatting over whatsapp.Let me rewind the story a month back.Before a month she blocked me on whatsapp as I was unable to convince my family for our marriage.In fact, I didn’t try my best to convince my family because I was waiting for the perfect time.As there was no scene for our marriage, she decided to stop chatting.

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My blues




You I choose


Mutual satisfaction

There is satisfaction all around. Baby on momma. Momma with baby. My husband and I in such a beautiful environment witnessing such a bond. All of us completely free. 8 more words


The Gold Inside (The Wild Man, Season 2, Episode 4)


Eilhu’s throat burned with each swallow.

His eyes itched and sunk into their sockets at the first rays of light which struck his upturned face.  1,011 more words


Let's Talk About Breakups...

Well hello,

I’m not sure if many of you will remember me because it’s been so darn long since I made a post. This is because of two reasons… firstly, I tried to self host and it didn’t work in my favour. 1,335 more words