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born into winter
I chose to put flowers in my heart
to play the songs that bring sadness
gentle as love

I take from the fridge only what bring warmth… 6 more words



I have been so depressed and tired for the last few months. I never thought this is how the beginning of 2017 would be for me. 298 more words

Who do you love?

Is anyone else afraid of letting other people or specifically someone else in after they’ve had a break up?

It’s scary and exciting at the same time because at one point in life you thought this person was the love of your life but then you realize that maybe there’s better for you out there. 211 more words

One Shot

Sometimes I carry an
indescribable sadness
that we only get
one shot at this
thing called life.

Just one.

To do everything
we dream of, 56 more words


Online relationships

The modern world consists of a new type of meeting people which is meeting online. There are 100s of online dating apps now and apps and websites for people to meet and communicate and the world has become much smaller. 817 more words

Choosing A Blog Name

I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I’ve always considered myself a writer. Mostly because I had the best poems in class growing up. 979 more words

24 February 2017 - Growth, The Inevitable Process

Growth. It is inevitable. It’s essentially a process. A process we cannot bypass or avoid to get to the next stage. It is a principle of life. 148 more words