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AUDIO/SHORTS Ep02 - I Dreamt of Mountains (That Came Alive)

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I just Had a dream. Loud. Chaotic. I can’t stress just how loud it was. 224 more words


Problematic Faves: Grinding Nemo Addition

Written by Annie Diamond

H.P Lovecraft is best known for his contribution to horror fiction, especially with his creation of an eldritch mythos which is the origination of Cthulhu. 554 more words


New short story coming in April

“The Unknown Thing” will soon appear in Beneath the Waves – Tales from the Deep, the next volume from Steve Dillon’s Things in the Well… 95 more words


Somebody’s Nightmare

The world is full of daylight places that remain the same irrespective of what time or state you visit them in. However, there are also places that thrive in the shadows and on the edges of reason, and that you can only ever find in the darkest corners of night. 3,889 more words


H.P. Lovecraft’s death

March 15, 1937
Providence, Rhode Island
Legendary horror/science fiction/dark fantasy author H.P. Lovecraft dies at 46 from malnutrition and cancer of the small intestine

A headstone was commissioned by fans in 1977, and those dedicated will make annual pilgrimages to his headstone for the anniversaries of Lovecraft’s birth and death.



It’s severely difficult to talk about films like Annihilation. Not only is it discordant and beguiling by nature, but it also is difficult to fit into a single genre. 758 more words

Review: I Am Providence by Nick Mamatas

I Am Providence by Nick Mamatas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I went into this book pretty excited. The premise sounded like a lot of fun, and I liked Mamatas’ The Damned Highway. 580 more words