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Flats for Days: The Flats you Need in Your Wardrobe for Under $150

It is no secret that I am a huge supporter of flats. Yes, I still love a good heel, but for the average daily run around, heels are simply not practical for me.   584 more words


Just A Little Thank You :)

I just wanted to take a little time out to say thank you to my followers and viewers. I really appreciate you :) I’d also love any sort of feedback; questions, topics to write about. 11 more words

Just One Person

A few weeks ago the hospital I work for sent out an email asking for volunteers. We were participating in “Make a Difference Day” today by working at a local food bank. 836 more words

Stay Alive

Fear drives me, Lies keep me alive

bound in silence scared of true love

if anyone were to try

I’m drowning in the thought

that you might come again… 133 more words

Holy moly!!



Let me count you again, just to be sure…  1,2,3,4…/…/…198, 199…  200!


That’s a dang lot of Lovelies… I am speachless! Well thank you to each and every one of you once again! 131 more words




“Awesome” is one of those words I really like in English. Just like in Danish, I like “dejlig”, “lejlighed”, and “åbenbart”. (you want to know what it means? 471 more words


The Car

Have you ever bought a new car?

I have. Several, in fact.

I mean I have been driving for nearly 30 years. Really? Is this possible? 1,012 more words