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My Hiatus Explanation

A little Peaches & Herb anyone? “Reunited and it feels so good!” Oh, how I’ve missed you guys! My Lovelies, give me a chance to try to explain the reasons why I’ve been MIA these last couple of weeks. 626 more words


Welcome to the Curious Wren // also Blog Party tag and giveaway!

Hello there, friends (also acquaintances, and possible arch-enemies). Welcome to the home of the Curious Wren!

Who am I? My name is Annie Hawthorne, and here in my domicile I’ll be sharing about two of my passions: reading and writing. 421 more words



hello my lovelies,

I apologise at the beginning of this blog post for the inner thoughts of my mind which never really surface unless at 2am when I am in bed which is usually where my most radical thoughts come from. 928 more words



I can’t believe that I have been slacking on blogging! I am so sorry my lovelies! Face palming myself here.

Anyway I might as well update on everything that’s happened lately. 276 more words

So Sorry!

I’ve been I bit busy lately which is why I haven’t been blogging! I’m sorry my lovelies! But I do have some things to update on! 184 more words


Sorry my lovlies! I didn’t realize that I haven’t been blogging for the past four days! Quick updates for all!

So all that’s left to do of the home improvement is the living room. 173 more words

Lazy days...for now

Hello lovelies!

The hallway is officially finished, and we found out yesterday after we took the frog tape off of the cupboard edges and such that we need to do a few touch ups…at least there are not many that need to be done. 381 more words