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stranded mortal

My head is spinning. Everything is changing and evolving yet here I am, panting, running trying to catch up with the time that seems to be going faster than I am. 111 more words



I’m not usually one to dwell on the past. Okay, that’s a total lie. I’m the kind of girl who will still sweat over things that happened years ago or reminisce old moments in my head as if I could live through them again. 256 more words


Because I probably won't be back for awhile

/In regards to the name of this blog.

Especially if you’re in high school, but even if you’re not…

I am always here for you. 12 more words

A Day In The Life

to my lovelies

Is it weird that I refer to you guys as my lovelies? Well I do and I will keep on doing so, because I think you are lovely for taking the time to read my agonizing texts. 299 more words


at ease

hi, lovelies.

after a weird night in the ER and not sleeping for over 30 hours, a short nap and some reese, I am (kinda) well rested and back home. 37 more words



The D-Day is finally here,

Merry Christmas people GOD bless you all

Pretties Revealed

Had been working on some new jewlery designs and wanted to share them with you all. Was trying to find new and interesting ways of using my leather scraps, while also inegrating crystals and semi-precious stones. 25 more words

Shameless Plugs