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Stories- A shadow of Reality

First, I didn’t find a very good 30 challenged. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it. If not, I might do a blog challenge thing, just for the heck of it. 535 more words


Hey, lovelies.

I haven’t been here in a while. Been too busy. And I feel so bad about it, I don’t know how to stop… 111 more words

Hey Lovelies

Posty Post Post Post Post.

Wow, try to say that 5 times fast (actually don’t, I did and it is really easy).  ”

Hello hello, It’s Jasmin here welcoming you to today’s post… 294 more words

The Most Amazing Diffuser Water Bottle in the World!!!

Hello to all my lovelies =)  I hope everyone is doing great and if not I hope your day gets better.  Today I am going to review as the title might have hinted the best water bottle in the world.   259 more words


Hello to all the lovelies in the world!

This is my second blog for the purpose of reviewing products I get from various websites.  I will have giveaways so stay tuned!  This blog with focus on Jewelry, Food & Drink and Camera/Photo/Art related topics.   134 more words


Somehow I'm Awake

Good evening/morning lovelies! Tonight this post has my undivided attention, so that means my post will actually go into detail. Warning: possible rants ahead! Let’s get this party started. 895 more words