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Patiently Waiting ....

Time check : 2:41 AM Manila Time

I went to work today feeling lost and empty. I am totally missing every piece of him. Having heard that other girls have been receiving messages and calls from their boyfriend and I am not, I am totally frustrated. 494 more words

Random Thoughts

Love story Sunday #2

One of my favourite film says that “Pyaar dosti hai!” This means that love is friendship. If someone can become a good friend of yours, then you can also fall in love with them too. 573 more words

Confidence is Everything

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.

~ Mark Twain

  1. Don’t ever give up on making all your dreams come true.
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The beauty of life

If I have the choice to turn back time and undo my mistakes, I will choose not to. And even if I have the choice to fast forward to the future where I see myself filled with His promises in me, I will choose not to as well. 558 more words


Ama la vida, Ecuador

It was the day after my graduation ceremony, and I was fretting as to what I was now going to do with my life with a BA in International Relations. 514 more words


Surfers and Dolphins in Huntington Beach, CA.

I was lucky enough to watch the surfers catching big waves and dolphins swimming by and enjoying the warm January day. I hope everyone has a beautiful Tuesday!

Beachin Travels

Hi, I am A**** and suffering from depression.

I haveĀ  become the master of masking my true feelings. I never pretend that everything is rosey, as thats just stupid and fake. But for me to truly open up is hard. 286 more words