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People drive you crazy.

It’s a known fact. But like it or not, you cannot live without others. Whether its your best friend, partner, parents or work mate who get on your nerves and make you want to blow everything up.. 104 more words


You are the circumference of my world

You surround me 

your soul entwines me

it is nothing else that keeps me bonded

before I could reckon

I just want to live up all the moments with you again… 55 more words

Single For Too LONG?? 5 Reasons Girls Are Slipping Your Hands

We’ve all been there. Check out on a girl, get her number, go on the first date, and poof! They’re no longer contacting you. Never been there? 682 more words



Hai,, bagaimana kabarmu?

Lama tak bersua,, lama tak ada kabar juga darimu.,.

Entah kenapa,, tiba- tiba kau hadir dalam mimpiku.,.

Kau tersenyum,, sangat manis.,.

Ingat kala itu kau menangis.,. 116 more words


Falling for him

My best friends and I annually attend a concert called Warped Tour to see a large variety of bands perform. Usually, it’s just the five of us but two years ago my friend, Laura, decided to invite someone to join us. 1,228 more words


Sometimes !!

Deep down in my heart I’m whispering to myself,

Nothing in this world that will make you feel happy forever, its all upto you whether you want to smile through the sadness or cry through the sadness. 57 more words

Word of the day, "crank"

There are billions of people in this entire world but the common thing we all might have is that all of us has been characterized as, “crank”. 199 more words