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Work work work work work work

I am so busy.

I wake up at 7am every single day monday to friday and I work all day, every single hour til 8pm (if I am lucky). 299 more words


How my mother's sex-life improved my boring lovelife

I used to be terrified of my parent’s sexual escapades as I did not fully understand it. Some nights as a child, I pray that God would save my mother. 1,931 more words


Midnight thoughts

Erykah Badus Stücke inspirieren mich Dinge zu tun, die ich noch nie gewagt habe.

Es löst etwas ganz Neues in mir aus.

Mut, sich eine eigene Leidenschaft aufzubauen; sich für etwas bis aufs Äußerste zu begeistern. 218 more words


21 and Never Been In Love

Growing up is challenging; yet, it’s the most natural thing ever. It’s sometimes really hard to get over it on your own. I’m not just talking about lovers. 1,248 more words


I'm Done With Being Done

I’m Done!

It’s a statement used more and more often these days when relaying a story that involves frustration or anger, indicating that a person is ready to walk away. 451 more words