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The Ups and Downs of Love : And Why the World Doesn't Need to Know

I broke up with my boyfriend. 

It was messy, it could have been dangerous, it was sad. I didn’t post at all about it. He did a little. 494 more words


Poetry Shorts #6

I am lonely

I am brave

I am scared

I am devilish

I am weak

I am smart

I am sacred

I am loyal

I am hated… 17 more words



People ask me my religion all of time expecting to get some sort of stereotypical answer on my way of being able to cope with life. 377 more words

Moon to the left of me,Sun to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you

I ❤️ when the moon and sun are out at the same time. Sun to east moon to west , it’s like having my two favourite people round for dinner 💕 17 more words

Love Is Always One Of Its Kind !

Some love stories are a result of long fantasies and some other are sudden sweet accidents. :) :)

No matter How it happened, It is always one of its kind. 249 more words

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Guess who’s back? …Name that song and you will have my respect forever!

Instead of livestreaming my thoughts in 140 characters on Twitter, I’m going to ease back into blogging, because I truly enjoy writing (thank you Sheldon for the inspiration!) and there is way too much ‘bad’ writing on the Internet  249 more words