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Day 1 of Surviving

  • You will SURVIVE
  • Tell yourself “I am alive. I will survive.

Us the duo: No matter where you are

Back in 2015 a six second clip caught my attention. Showing only two mouths covering Calvin Harris’ recent club hit How deep is your love… 769 more words


5 Tips on How to Enjoy Life!

1. Stop comparing yourself to others!

Comparing yourself to other is ridiculous. You’ll spend your whole life hoping you were someone else and forgetting all the great things that you do. 194 more words


Calmly looking after the money...17

I’ve passed the day wandering aimlessly in my head. Actual exercise is better. This cerebral stuff leaves me exhausted instead of invigorated. It’s not too bad today though. 270 more words

Let's set the record straight

I want to be really clear: I’m writing this because I have come to believe that we are set up for disappointment, and that doesn’t really work for me. 735 more words

Quote of the Day

Why fit in if you were born to stand out?

For those who were readers from a yute, can yall guess where this is from?

233 more words

Money? Number 15

Wishing you magic. I will never stop believing in it. What’s behind the curtain? Only the good stuff. Remember, you are energy and you can mold the energy that is you via your thoughts. 23 more words