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A Man and his Boots.....

A Man and his boots………..

My Man doesn’t care for flashy, material things…

My Man chooses comfort over style…

My Man doesn’t care what others think… 166 more words

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​»Lession of time – karma. When a bird is alive, it eats ants. When the bird is dead, ants eat the bird. Time and circumstances can change at any time.

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Boys, Don't Panic! I'm OK!

via Daily Prompt: Panic

“The beauty of young men is their power, and the splendor of old men is their gray-headedness.” – Proverbs 20:29

“How are you? 192 more words

Coffee, Chocolates And Men

(Late) Eid Mubarek

Salam waaleykom everyone!

I just want to say Eid Mubarek to my brothers and sisters! I KNOW I am late with wishing you eid mubarek but a lot has happened after eid. 160 more words


9 months of #meomeo

Hehe, người ta kỉ niệm 1 tháng, 1 năm hay 500, 700 ngày gì đó. Nhưng tớ chọn mốc 9 tháng để lần đầu tiên viết về người bạn “Snorlax” của tớ. 1,809 more words


Fight Fair

When you are in an argument with your spouse, do you tend to move towards or away from your significant other? I was always the one ready to fight, and used my readiness as an advantage over my guy, who needed time to take stock. 353 more words


What are your pieces of advice on how to balance lovelife and career?

One of my friends at the church who is a well-known blogger in the Philippines (naks, haha) interviewed me almost a month ago for his blog. 1,416 more words

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