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I deserve you Happiness

Falling in love again and again with same person is wonderful.

It was the times where I hate men for my past and present. I was pretty happy with my family and job with full of enthusiasm but there was emptiness in me for the low confidence in analysing people because duplicity of a man in my past. 1,612 more words

Fall In Love

Live Life!!!

I’ve decided to be bit poetic with my first ever blog. So I’ve started on a positive note as I see the world with a rose colored lens.  181 more words


The Great Fall and What Happened Next.

My friend Lynel jokingly told me to write a blog about what I’ve learned after I fell yesterday.
Yes, I fell off a bike. But I said that I won’t write about it because it’s shameful. 521 more words


Today I am actually doing some good.
Been sorting out stuff (garbage) from the walk in closet.
Paid some bills before, and sorted in the freezer. 113 more words

Pretty Regular Stuff

The dentist

Some times I wonder if having a crush on my dentist is unhealthy. Especially taking into consideration that my first encounter with him included blood, sweat, tears and excruciating pain – all on my behalf. 556 more words

My Life

Put Down Your Rock

In the Bible, the story of the woman caught in adultery and threatened to be stoned to death is a beautiful illustration of Jesus’ grace and love for each of us. 425 more words


--Paris a la Carrie--

In May I will have my “carrie” moment in Paris. I am finally going on my DREAM trip <3

Paris is a place that for never having been there, has felt like home. 167 more words