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An End

I’m finally mad at him all over again. At the first day of this week, when he started to messages me after weekend, it’s all about jealousy, I know, I am. 236 more words


Special Effect

 Have you ever noticed how some people seem to get the good seats every time? The best parking places, tables at a restaurant, or just the permission to go where others cannot? 455 more words


The journey begins

It started out with me wanting to run away from responsibilities, and a relationship that was again not the so called one. An angry drunk that never admits she is wrong (yes she!! 138 more words


Love and what to choose 

I read one of those posts on Facebook today  (which a girl shared to be passive aggressive towards her recent ex…obviously) it read as follows “fall in love with someone who wants to know your favourite colour and just how you like your coffee, fall in love with someone who never wants to hurt you and would love to wake up to you each day” etc. 396 more words


I'm the girl he cheated on his girlfriend with.

I willingly slept with a guy knowing he was in a relationship. 

Second year of university, a new house with new friends and a new start. 1,209 more words