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Quotes Replay @ Ashok Misra # John Keats

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever;

Its loveliness increases;

It will never

Pass into nothingness.”


# John Keats. Endymion. Preface


Video: Echodrone - Save Me

Super excited to bring you the brand new video by Shoegaze darlings, Echodrone. ‘Save Me’ hastily soars towards the sky, trembling the ground with supersonic waves of proper shoegaze.  163 more words


Beautification, God's Beauty

God’s Beauty is His Holiness.  The Holiness of God consists in His Love to Himself primarily and is the rectitude of His Nature, whereby he is pure, and without spot in Himself, therefore Beautiful and delightful to behold to those who have  pure doves eyes.   8,224 more words

Solomon's Song Of Songs

The Sword

The forge burns hot,

The steel gleams white.

The hammer rings out on the anvil,

Striking the blade, blow after blow.

Hardened steel becomes razor sharp. 92 more words


Oh my God!

Oil paint on heavy duty cotton canvas, 28 x 20″, August 31 2017

This morning brilliant sunshine illuminating a Sycamore… took a few quick snapshots upon which this painting is based and began painting… more of these incredible nebula-like visions to come in due course!

Trees Woods Forests

Sunset and Solitude

On the bench
at the beach
watching gorgeous sunset
creating my piece.
Oh how I love it,
just pure joy, love and peace.
It’s wonderful, so wonderful with nature. 39 more words


Be Happy. Be True. Be Lovely. Be You.

Be Happy.

What does it take for one person to be happy? I suppose it is different for everybody. Being happy can be simple or complex, it’s entirely up to you. 730 more words