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You could be sunshine!

Things can upset you, but they can also provide you ways to be happy! Just try to think of everything as a path to more happiness than before, even if it’s not obvious :)



“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” (Harriet Ann Jacobs)

The sunshine feels delightful… 28 more words


Spring Rapture

May I spend my days in a sunlit glade
The birds proclaiming fit to burst
My eyes alight with a golden haze
My heart alert and unrehearsed… 55 more words


Hitting Close To Home: Finding Lovely In The Places Nearby

I am looking for a passport which bears the name of someone other than myself. I think it’s tucked away among old stained t-shirts and outgrown boy things. 680 more words

Your Touch Is ...


Not too hot and not too cold.

Your touch gives me the chills and shivers.

Your touch gives me the warmness and coziness. 68 more words

The Daily Post

10 items for your ragbag of loveliness


So the end of autumn, the run up to Christmas, Christmas itself and the New Year kinda got away from me there! The magic and glitter of Christmas passed to be welcomed by the dreary depths of SAD, which doesn’t highlight my best side, and isn’t something you really wanted to hear about. 728 more words