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The Plodding Painter


Paint, like cement, 

Once encased me with lament and 

I, rolling around 

Scratching at the paste 

On a canvas, traced 

Confusion, disorientation, 

Sticking to spots only to  191 more words


You matter

People need you. People you love and even people you have never met are depending on you.

You matter to God as well.

No one else can be the person you were created to be. 29 more words


What is loveliness to me? What is this year all about?

Loveliness is:

  • A chance to be brave and courageous. Opening my heart to say yes when the whispers inside need a gentle push.
  • Appreciation and gratitude and reverence for all that is mighty and beautiful and there is a mighty lot of that I have seen and found and heard and touched.
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Something Lovely

Sometimes, I see lovely things and want to catch them. In word, with a photo, in a shout – “Look at it! Come see!” 319 more words

Life Things

beauty: we're all made beautiful by God's grace

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No two people admiring a piece of art, lovely landscape, or a person, will see exactly the same features that are attractive to them. 322 more words


Yes! They've rescued her!

They run with one another blissfully; the father, the spirit, the son. The trinity; beautiful, wholesome, the most perfect of love.
They work together beautifully; a sound of effortless harmonized rhythm. 239 more words

Quotes Replay @ Ashok Misra # John Keats

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever;

Its loveliness increases;

It will never

Pass into nothingness.”


# John Keats. Endymion. Preface