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Baby Wearing: The best thing (ever!)

I am not an active person. I do not run marathons or lift weights, I do not do any pointed working out.

However, I am a let’s go do something person. 1,101 more words

Panicked Momma: Postpartum Anxiety

Sit down on the floor.

Block everything out.

Breathe deep: in through your nose, out through your mouth.

Now listen to what’s going on around you. 777 more words

Alessandra Ambrosio Street Style

Alessandra Ambrosio is a Victoria’s Secret Angel who dresses well on and off the runway! Check out her most fabulous street style looks here.

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Style Inspiration

Alexa Chung

Low and behold the beautiful and hilarious Alexa Chung. This womens style is so unique. There is a very preppy/tomboy feel about the way she dresses herself. 233 more words

Style Inspiration

Melanie Martinez:

Not a lot of people can pull off crazy hair colors and colorful tattoos that tend to be visible from every angle but when someone can, it’s certainly not going to go unnoticed. 230 more words

Style Inspiration

Momma Lachanda

Baby Grace has changed her word for breastfeeding several times: it went from nana, to nano,to noy noy, and now noys.  Noys has more meaning than I want to breastfeed.  511 more words

My Harem Of Women - 2016

Four years ago, I fell into a conversation with a friend that led to the creation of my ideal harem.  Originally presented as a joke, it then became an exercise to see if I could find a small group of women that would hit the widest degree of variety possible… and from that conversation came one of my most-visited blog posts. 1,039 more words