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If you would just let me explain...

Why have I become so suddenly intensely concerned with trying to tell you that the state of the relationship that we so loved and cherished is not now the irreparable one we were so passively accepting that it was and always would be? 207 more words

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A love story.

Broken boy meets damaged girl.  They, to their surprise and against all odds, fall in love somehow.

When they realize how their love is the wonderful and unobtainable state of existence they had always wanted, and which they could never figure out why they had been so unable, and become so injured trying, to find it, it makes them feel how happy and whole they each had ever wanted themselves to be. 68 more words

Lovely Lady


Loving can hurt.  Loving can hurt, sometimes, but it’s the only way that I know.  And when it gets hard–you know, it can get hard sometimes–it is the only thing that makes us feel alive. 248 more words

Lovely Lady

Under the Table, Dreaming, and Shouting at the Top of my Lungs Before These Crowded Streets...

This is me, screaming, as loudly as I can, in every possible direction, by any possible means I have remotely within my disposal out into the dark and empty silence of the atmosphere and the universe in the hope that somehow, somewhere, at some time you will hear me calling and you will know that I was never going to give up and am always going to try all I can possibly manage to help you find our way back to us.

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It's like...

That’s the thing about autism.

It’s like, in a movie, when someone hits it off and connects with a special needs child who just doesn’t seem to be capable of making normal, average, everyday social connections with people, and the parent of the child says to the someone, “Wow, he/she doesn’t usually connect that well with people, but he sure seems to with you”, and the thing that makes the whole situation so wonderful and heartwarming and miraculous is that you know it so very rarely happens for, or with, this child who is just not capable–whatsoever–of controlling the things about him/her self that signals and announces (to all who can receive) how obviously is his/her divergence away from how most normal, average people react and interact with others. 407 more words

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