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Confessions of a Bad Boyfriend

JERSEY CITY, NJ – I’ve always been passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. My love is ferocious, it’s an angry runaway train that typically ends up in Palookaville. 2,699 more words

Clown Penis

Your Love

Your love
Sets me aflame
With passion

Your kiss
Takes me
Far away
From my pain

Your heart
So young
And innocent
Makes me smile… 18 more words


Love as Responsibility: A Short, Bombastic Critique of "Falling in Love"

In today’s over-sexualized, pedophilloic, fast-paced, loudmouthed, modern culture, one gets the sense that responsibility, loyalty, and dedication are things of the prehistoric, dinosauric ancient past. Responsibility is relative to time, and time is relative to subjective values. 1,718 more words

Human Relationships

Freezing Heart

They shone,
Like two candles,
Bright and sparkling,
Through the window.
I watched,
From a distance,
Her silhouette barely visible,
Past the thick snow.
Cold gnawing, 224 more words

Poetry Dabbles

You Are My Everything

I promise you,
my everything.
I give you my heart,
to take for your own.
You are my light,
my purpose for being.
You are the soul, 51 more words

Poetry Dabbles

I'll Put A Spell On You

I ask myself:
a single question
each night
Why not us?
Why can’t it be?
I’m standing right here
and wishing
That you’d see me. 140 more words

Poetry Dabbles

A Lost Love

My heart wrenching in pain,
of a love I can’t explain.
You left me feeling emotionless,
how could I have been so careless?
You’d rejected my every word, 77 more words

Poetry Dabbles