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Figaro Called. The Marriage is Off.

JERSEY CITY – It seems as though I’ve reached the age where two horrible things have begun happening. One is that bands that I loved as a rebellious adolescent are considered “oldies” (Bull$#^%!! 709 more words


Lament of the lamented

She’d used up two lifetimes of tolerance on her first,
and now the emotion could be a rite of outburst.
They’d do what they could, and then they’d do more, 61 more words


[short story]: The rocket scientist

He went out the front of the house to check for the mail for the third – no, fourth time, that day.
He thought he may have heard the mailman come, but wasn’t sure. 611 more words


My dear dozenth

My first ever lady was young and sweet, a picture of purity,
But I was young and silly and left her from insecurity.
My second ever lady was confident but had no knowledge… 303 more words


I'll be waiting

The stars have whispered my name since birth,
since they know there’s not a lot of room here on earth.
I don’t want to live long enough to lose every tooth, 91 more words


A winter

Knowing you for one day outside winter,
three months since piercing my shell like a splinter.
I know I’ve caused your mood to depress,
in times where we’ve endured duress. 97 more words


The storm within her

The wind announced that she was here by telling me her name,
which I had never heard before, she’s one I cannot tame.
Run with me through open fields, and over rolling hills. 237 more words