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Chasing Hope Part One

A Short Story

By: Marshala Eady


Hope. Hope is something we all have. My neighbor, John, has hope that he will win the lotto one of these days. 1,193 more words


Confession: The Funeral

You’re dead to me.

That is what I’ve told myself the moment your plausible facade surfaced above your murky ocean of lies. I don’t know when or for how long have you been feeding me with betrayal for breakfast, deception for lunch, and ignorance for dinner and still manage to kiss me with poison filled lips of eternal life. 1,288 more words


Situationship Suckers

Too many games, and too many lies… 

They told you they loved you and didn’t show it one too many times.

Now a days a people are perfectly okay with situationships. 1,610 more words


Confession: One Last Time

I can still remember everything as clear as the sky that night. When the moon was bright and silver and the stars, perfectly scattered like diamonds waiting for its owner to come and pick them up. 1,020 more words




Winner of the CWA Ellis Peters Dagger for Historical Crime Fiction Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize & the Orange Prize

Synopsis: Orphaned shortly after birth, Susan Trinder grows up amongst thieves and swindlers in 19th century London. 1,365 more words



Synopsis: Ever since Cath and her twin sister Wren had enrolled in university, Wren has been distancing herself from Cath. She wants to go out, meet new people and have fun while Cath mostly hides in her room and writes fanfiction. 1,085 more words


A Colorful Divorce: A Short Romance

Like the rest of us, Antoine married Jordyn on a whim. And also like the rest of us, he had brought an entire history along with him into their marriage. 3,631 more words