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Emotional Well Being In Relationships

Where would society be if there were no laws?

We all understand the necessity of having laws as a means of maintaining order. With nearly 8 billion people on this planet, it is difficult for me to understand why so many people will allow one individual to ruin and to devastate them emotionally. 247 more words

Mental Health

A Case For The Friend-Zone

The dreaded zone. A place reserved for lovelorn fools and beta males who just can’t seem to get it in. You know how they say that a project reaches 90% done rather quickly and then stays at 99% forever? 831 more words



what are we all ever talking about with our philosophies and lucid daydreams? what are we all ever looking for in our success-filled talk and bravado, we the Fearless Ones trembling in the corners of all that could be…lifeless in our resignation to exist and wait for IT. 190 more words


Keeping up with Betty and Veronica

How you doing? (insert Joey’s voice)

This is the story of Betty and Veronica more so of Veronica because she discovered later in life who she really is. 390 more words

A Post Production Decision

Falling for you was like a film production….

Development: When I first saw you it never crossed my mind that you would have been everything that I have ever wanted. 61 more words


cool girl problems

Soph from Colombia. You have so much wisdom. Let me just send this to you know who and be like this is how I feel, asshole: 1,083 more words

Lovers And Friends

A Letter from Star Child

Kiss me from afar,

I am the star child in the night sky spreading stardust and magic through the air.

 You are my sun, lighting my world with your luminous personality. 70 more words