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Single or Nah

I guess today is a good day to formally address my relationship status. I honestly didn’t think it mattered that much, but from the looks of these messages…it does. 651 more words


Loose ends

We were a perfect match me and you

Maybe that’

s why we burned out so fast

Thought we’d be stuck together like glue

Instead we lost sight of the first… 370 more words

The Hottie, the Hipster and the Hippie.

​They say everything in life comes in packs of three. From third time’s a charm to the three musketeers. I like to propose that every man has three women in his life that teach him lessons that will forever be remembered. 972 more words

Lovers And Friends

Getting The Woman of Your Dreams

​Knowing what you want is the first step but executing your intentions is actually the crucial step. It’s about giving out the correct vibe.

For the longest time I believed in the “friendzone” and everyone mocked me for being the guy who always got “frienzoned.” Many times guys give off that friend vibe and that is why girls that they like only see them as friends. 497 more words

Lovers And Friends


​Today as I was scrolling down my Facebook feed I saw a quote that really spoke out to me and I bet at least all of us can relate to. 442 more words

Lovers And Friends

The First Date

​Out of all the guy friends she was talking to, she decided to give you a chance. Fuck yeah you are doing something right then. Sometimes patience is for the strong, only the weak break easy. 640 more words

Lovers And Friends