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​Today as I was scrolling down my Facebook feed I saw a quote that really spoke out to me and I bet at least all of us can relate to. 442 more words

Lovers And Friends

The First Date

​Out of all the guy friends she was talking to, she decided to give you a chance. Fuck yeah you are doing something right then. Sometimes patience is for the strong, only the weak break easy. 640 more words

Lovers And Friends

The Late Seventh Blog

​​Don’t fall too quick for a woman but be real on what you want from them. I’ve fallen hard many times, drunk falling, clumsy falling, and sports falling. 495 more words

Lovers And Friends

Velvet Cheetah

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Social Media and Texting

Communication is essential when you are getting to know a woman. The two most common ways of communication used in this era is through social media and texting. 638 more words

Lovers And Friends

Love Machine Gun

​Awesome you’re talking to a girl who you think is cute but should you only talk to her? In this type of situation there are usually two sides: 572 more words

Lovers And Friends

A week that never came. A face never to be touched again. The dates that change you.

Do you ever feel like you lost someone before you could tell them all the wonderful things you like about them ? Or that you just had some more time to show them they’re the light of your life. 458 more words