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eXes and Woes

A to Z Challenge Letter X

Clotilde Delsapo looked at the caller I.D. on her cell phone. She didn’t usually pick-up when she didn’t recognize the number, but the area code was from her old hometown, so she did. 1,193 more words


Accidental Intentions

When we first met I should have looked the other way but my eyes kept gravitating towards youLike the needle of a compass seeks the North… 618 more words


You know it’s over before it has begun when he says a simple Hi and your gut says you should run for the hills but you don’t… 492 more words

I didn’t mention anything to Brody, regarding Jon. I didn’t want to bring more drama into the relationship, after all, we were starting fresh and the best thing was to stay away from any topics that would disturb the peace. 1,427 more words