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Amy Ley Gi

neomu ppeonhae naneun oneuldo honjaseo
a simsimhae gyeolguk ireoke haruga
(uuuuu uuuuu) jinagagetji

bwabwa jinaganeun jeogi keopeul jom bwa
nado jeoreoke saranghal su inneunde… 249 more words


Love, love, what is love?
A fleeting fancy suspended in time
Heartstrong surges electrified systems
Whole body alive
Jolted neurons and cellular excitations
Beacons of light in the grey… 37 more words


DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balconies

What can you do after finishing the quest?

– you can build balconies
– outdoor staircases
– planters
– multi-purpose privacy screens


To start the quest, go to the community center and click on Bree. 96 more words


VOTIVE(s) Of Love

You can talk about knowing the person all you want, but the truth verily is you cant unless you have perused her/him through every aspect of the life. 390 more words

Lovey Dovey

Bini kesayangan

Cuaca panas membahang Ahad lepas. Tambah pulak dengan waktu jam 12 tengah hari. Matahari tengah terpacak tepat atas kepala. Pintu masuk ke parking IKEA dihadang dengan kon, tandanya tempat parkir teda yang kosong. 522 more words


Lovey Dovey Stuff

I understand my blog is about struggles. But I’m struggling with something. The amount of romantic films I’ve watched recently is unbelievable. I’ve watched most romantics made after the year 2004. 108 more words