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Defining a New You

Beauty defines the soul in ways that no one can imagine. Feeling down? Just add a little lipstick and your face just went up 10 points in value. 41 more words


Imagery - A Positive Personification of one's self

How does one describe your personal Imagery? When you see yourself through “The Looking Glass”, what do you see? The mind, body, and soul are all connected to a lineage that is unique as well as Eclectic. 171 more words


My Life In A Nutshell

There are so many choices that one can make in this lifetime. You can choose a road that is easily traveled or one with many bumps and turns. 164 more words


Blended Relationships

How do blended families survive in their daily living. A father with two children and a mother with two children in which the couple is in love completely. 256 more words


Dedicated to Those In Need By Tara Gonzalez

This is from my niece Tara Gonzalez–To WOMEN FROM ME. I was talking to a friend about a friend that was in am an abusive relationship. 311 more words


Learning to Love after a Loss

When we lose someone in our lives, how do we move on? The emotional ties to that special person, do they go away or remain? We miss them dearly, and their memories remain, but how do we deal with these feelings? 174 more words


Forever Touched

Thousands of moments held in these hands,

Her hands that first held mine and mine that first held theirs.

The lines like roads we travel, 128 more words