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POSTCARD#308: Chiang Mai: Headache stabs me in the Right Occipital Nerve, on the walk back from the market with backpack full of vegetables, and living things I wash and slice and eat, whispering to myself… 442 more words

The 'now' Moment

Every Iota

Loving Kindness: Accept every iota of yourself and your life. Release regret. It doesn’t serve you. Nothing that brings pain serves you.

Right Brain

Nothing and Everything


Loving Kindness: Worrying will get you nothing but panic. There’s nothing beneficial about either one. No Thing. You, on the other hand, are Every Thing.

Right Brain

Find and Foster your inner Buddha

I was recently approached by a new friend, asking for guidance– this person is eager to share a message with the world and they were wondering if I might be able to help. 1,331 more words


Useless Investigation

 Loving Kindness: Faith is a mystery. No amount of investigation, even by someone — especially by someone — of your intelligence will ever solve it. There are many things you don’t understand that you just accept. 14 more words

Right Brain

Pleasure (Psalm 36:8-12)

You richly fill my wounded, aching soul,
I’m satisfied in all Your pleasures.
You, and only You, can make me full,
To satiate my heart forever. 182 more words


God’s Daily Mercy

God’s Daily Mercy

The “Mercies” of the Lord are manifold, and that’s why it can be spoken of in the plural.


His “mercies” are generous and bountiful. 66 more words