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quality of being - law of one

This is a statement from Ra from the Law of One material:

“On the other hand, however, you are correct in your assumption that the green ray response is not as refined as that which has been imbued with wisdom.

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Exploring Consciousness

May 27, 2015 ~ Awakening through the Brahma Viharas: Part Three

A 45-minute meditation followed by tea and listening to a recorded talk by Christina Feldman on Awakening through the Brahma Viharas .  A discussion followed.



Women Belong in the Kitchen. Men belong in the Kitchen. Everyone belongs in the Kitchen – Kitchen has Food.
The Dawg’s sentiment after an Urban Legend


Two Hours to Greater Happiness and Presence

After two hours of mindfulness and some great life hacks from the world of positive psychology, here’s what this student wrote about how she was feeling and what she accomplished in the two hours: 48 more words


Angels of Loving Kindness

I took this photo yesterday. It is the Angel I chose for myself from my granny :-) <3

Perhaps simple every day acts of selfless kindness are like little glimpses of God. 52 more words


How to elevate up and overcome ego and mara ?

When you come to a high level of achievement, the mara in you will be even stronger and powerful. That shows your height of achievement. The mara will create more instances to arouse your anger and make you feel frustrated and hopeless. 143 more words