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Kissing The Abyss

After much delay thanks to Christmas, New Year and then faulty memory cards, I am pleased to bring you the latest (in both senses of the word) episode of Sunday Psychedelics. 116 more words


karma of circumstances

POSTCARD #245: New Delhi: Arriving at the breakfast table like a ship docking in the harbor. Sliding in to coffee and bagels. Spread butter on toasted bagel, then honey and slices of banana. 495 more words


Time takes time: Meditation on WTF!?

I’ve been thinking, time knows what it is doing.  And today I have to be okay with that. And trust that time will prove useful with moving us through this, too. 797 more words



Four years I’ve been unsure what is meant by the term bodhicitta beyond nurturing a wish to become a Buddha to relieve the suffering of beings. 169 more words


Loving kindness meditation

This meditation is practiced in Buddhism to cultivate or develop Loving Kindness. Loving Kindness is common to all beings, ie: we all have Loving kindness – it is the degree of our obstructions, hindrances or mental defilements that is different for each of us. 257 more words


Letting Go

Loving Kindness: You’re coming to enjoy letting go of the control reins when you choose to release. You can feel the stress leave your body & amusement as you watch yourself let go.  

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