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Becoming Who We Are

And, isn’t it our job as humans being, to find our who we are and then live that as fully as possible? Why define ourselves so narrowly, as schools and… 476 more words


Just Keep the Gift Moving

Mindfulness fundamentally is about being. About how we are in the right here and now. Seeing what’s true for us in the moment. Allowing it to be as it is. 875 more words



‘Professor Barbara Fredrickson at the University of North Carolina has proved that meditation focusing on loving-kindness for the self and for others boosted positive emotions that then led to a sense of having a greater zest for life.

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Circle of Love

I just want to preface this by saying that this has been a heck of a week. So much happening to all of us. The ups and downs. 799 more words

Loving Kindness

The Telling Tale of the Lack of Love….

The Telling Tale of the Lack of Love….

As “Christians” we all think more of ourselves than we are willing to admit… Our sinful, prideful, human nature is the culprit…. 1,681 more words

Loving Jesus


A few days ago, Victo Dolore published Étude to Silence. It fit my emotional state exceedingly well since I had just returned from a trip that embodied silence in several forms. 605 more words


In stark contrast - #haiku #buddhism

In stark contrast,
boldly stand out from the crowd -
courageous kindness

Haiku and photo by Stephanie Mohan- March 2015