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A Matter of Trust

you know you trust this process. more than you trust Loving Kindness, but can you see that the process is LK? you’re surrounded by signs.

Right Brain

cradle of loving kindness

In the present moment, you can cultivate a sense of loving-kindness for yourself, creating a cradle where you are nurtured. Know your own wisdom, your own courage, and your own goodheartedness. 8 more words


Gifts of Love

keep reading , dear one. appreciate the beauty & bounty of the words. wherever they’re coming from, they’re meant to help. accept these gifts of love.

Right Brain

No Metta, No Progress

I was talking to someone fairly new to Buddhism the other day and as so often happens, the subject turned to how to deal with friends, family, and loved ones.   964 more words


Have you found it difficult to cultivate qualities like compassion even though you have a daily meditation practice?

You may be keeping a regular mindfulness practice, and although you find you are more present with others, you may find that you are not more compassionate. 296 more words

Spiritual Work

Becoming...being....living...... "As if.............."


I’ve been pondering some ideas and creating visual “pages,”
with the positive intention of “guiding myself along…”
Created after reading some amazing ideas, 141 more words


Spiritual Journalling; Learning to Love Yourself

Love yourself. We hear these words all the time, particularly as part of our spiritual practice. As a regular practitioner of loving kindness meditation, I thought I had this sussed, until I started a regular writing practice known as ‘Morning Pages’, first advocated by creative coach Julia Cameron. 911 more words