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Blessing with the power of extinction

Excerpt of Luangpor’s Reflections 16/10/16 (prior to departure for blessing trip to India):

Those who are not physically going to bless in India, use the mind that is mighty and limitless to rejoice in the blessings, it will reach all places in the same way. 222 more words


images of mourning

POSTCARD #227: New Delhi: Seen from the air, mourners gather and take their positions to form the Thai numeral 9. The formal title of the Thai King, Rama IX. 20 more words



292. At that time there was a fierce elephant in Rajagaha, a man- killer called Nalagiri. Then Devadatta entered Rajagaha and went to the elephant stable and said to the mahouts: “I am a relative of the king. 457 more words


Practice, Practice

There’s so much about this campaign that has me, and most Americans, on edge. At times like this I almost wish I was one of those blissfully tuned out people – those undecided voters, half of whom won’t show up on election day, or a non-voter. 276 more words

Compassion & Wisdom!

One of my friend is sick and she try to follow vegetarian diet. However, her family members are very much against her diet as they are very much concern the vegetarian diet might not have enough nutrient to support her body need. 408 more words


Peace in-Peace out!

Living in a grateful heart is the very daily dose of nourishment we all need throughout the day. We think about things all day long, take a few moments to think about yourself by offering up some compassion. 177 more words


today is every day

POSTCARD #225: New Delhi: All these highways, routes, directions connected end-to-end. My itinerary links up in a network that reaches all parts and locations in time and space, everywhere in the world – no end, no beginning. 518 more words

The 'now' Moment