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Be Kind to One Another > Uriel Heals

Courtesy of Spirit Library

Be Kind to One Another

a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Thursday, 25 May, 2017  (posted 26 May, 2017) 949 more words

The Tracks of Life

Does life unfold in clustered feelings,
good things happening all at once;
then the bad things joined together,
coming at you unannounced?

Or, do life’s events come rolling at you… 391 more words


Common Challenge

“Don’t worry if you feel you can only do one tiny good thing in one small corner of the cosmos. Just be a Buddha body in that one place.” 433 more words


Let go of anger: Loving Kindness meditation

This is not the sort of thing I’d usually do on my own, but we did it in my DBT group and I found it incredibly helpful. 66 more words


Can I?

Loving Kindness: Not remembering details of things you consider unimportant is to be expected. Try treating them as critical & see what happens. You can rise to this occasion.

Right Brain

is there anything?

POSTCARD #266: Delhi-Newcastle flight: There’s something about these long, high altitude journeys – this flight is only 9 hours but long enough to realize, as the hours and miles go by, we have totally left our place of origin… everyone seated, seatbelts fastened, and facing the direction of travel, committed to going ahead with ‘the plan’ which is still in its unimplemented state at this time, and rushing towards that reality at 600 miles per hour in a huge forward-facing directionalized force – teeth-clenched momentum. 537 more words

The 'now' Moment

Heir Island: Yoga and Mindfulness

For the second year Claire Osborne and I will be running a Yoga and Mindfulness Weekend retreat on beautiful Heir Island, off the West Cork coast. 324 more words