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Remembering that I am (star) dust

Lent. Repentance.(if you have time I STRONGLY ecommend you read that second link). What sort of a Spiritual detox can I undergo for the next 40 days? 746 more words

Yoga, Meditation, and Lent: Weaving a Daily Practice

So, what are you doing this year for Lent? I never considered this question until a few years ago when I started attending an episcopal church. 1,001 more words

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Together - We Rise Up!

I created this because I saw yet again a comment about baby boomers being selfish and the root cause of economic problems in Western nations. You know, we baby boomers are told we’re leeches on the economy, we’re blocking beds, we’re a drain on resources because we’ve had the gall not to die early and save the community a whole heap of money. 425 more words

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[Audio] BI Metta Retreat : Talk #1 : Introduction to Metta

First talk from the Metta Retreat at the beginning of the month is up. Using a new audio website called, CLYP, please provide feedback regarding the quality and ease of use. 11 more words


What are you searching for?

I would wager that everyone is searching for some sort of meaning in their life. There are probably as many ways of doing this as their are people in the world. 641 more words

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Just Around the Corner


Loving Kindness: What if you pretend to believe that all will be well? That relief is just around the corner? It may not come in the form you expect or even recognize. But it always does come.

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the time is not here yet

POSTCARD #252: Chiang Mai: 05.00: When I open my eyes in the morning I don’t remember where I am. The great white neon light of the hotel sign across the way fills my room and takes away memory. 556 more words

The 'now' Moment