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In Loving Kindness

In loving kindness
I still myself
And stand on sacred mountain
Watching my mind whirl away
Down there in the world

In loving kindness
I cradle my scared inner child… 53 more words


Meet people where they are

I was recently having a conversation with my mother about how we (people in general) tend to hang onto past frustrations or anger with others. We were discussing how there are always two sides to every situation and when we look back we can often see the part we played in assigning meaning where maybe there was none in a situation. 393 more words


What is loving-kindness?

Sometimes, when we are too “kind” to others, people might total neglect your kindness and assume whatever you are doing is a must. Your kindness might make them forget about “gratitude” and make them assume they deserve. 310 more words


Anoint the Mind with the Medicine of Love 

238. As a mongoose approaches a snake to seize it only after having supplied his own body with medicine, so too, the meditator, the earnest student of meditation, on approaching this world is abounding as it is in anger and malice, plagued by quarrels, strife, contention and hatred, must anoint his mind with the medicine of love. 11 more words


Smiling Practice

Years ago, when I first heard of Bhante Vimalaramsi, I remember being struck by his instructions to smile as a way to generate metta throughout the day. 118 more words


Meditation Newbie

I’ve never meditated. Except for all those times I’ve counted down with the timer on the microwave while waiting impatiently for my popcorn to be ready. 1,339 more words


Embrace the difference...

Little Black, the gentlemen at home always take care of his younger sister. If any of the neighborhood cat try to bully his sisters, he’ll protect them. 211 more words