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I was walking behind an elderly couple in the centre of Cheltenham the other day when I overheard this conversation.

The elderly gentleman says ‘I have to say you really do keep yourself fit, you look lovely’ To which the elderly lady replied ‘Thank you but I do try to look after myself’, the reply was ‘Well it really shows’ Now I don’t know if they were married or just good friends, but it made my day (never mind the lady). 210 more words

#PrayerForTheWeek - Celebrate Life!

Father God, we thank You for loving us so. May our hearts never forget how much we have to be thankful for!

Psalm 21:13… 14 more words

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Giving and Receiving


Loving Kindness: It’s not so much giving in as giving. And accepting. Both let you receive information for what it is, situations for what they are instead of interpreting them based on experience & subconscious triggers.

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Wednesday, November 15th - The Full Table

Wednesday of the Twenty-Seventh Week of Ordinary Time – Year 1
Psalm 81, 82
Nehemiah 7:73-8:18
Revelation 18:21-24
Matthew 15:29-39

The Full Table 
Matthew 15:29-39… 558 more words


the sense of coming home

POSTCARD#289: Bangkok – New Delhi: The early evening flight, leaving Bangkok at 7pm, arrives at Delhi 9.30pm local time; a four-hour journey swiftly moving into the darkness of an evening already turned to night. 576 more words

The 'now' Moment

"Save Me" Not

In fair warning, I’m a bit fired-up this evening. Before heading to sleep, I prayed for clarity and truth, to move me through this moment of insecurity and pain. 603 more words


Living By Heart

Dominant Hand: Loving Kindness might explain the feeling I got yesterday that faith might keep weird situations I somehow contribute to at bay.

Loving Kindness: Your instinct is sound about the contribution. 28 more words

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