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 Observer is Neutrality

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The Controllers have zero power over you, your thoughts and emotional state, when you are outside of their frequency reach by maintaining neutral balance or the Observer Point. 1,637 more words

Cultivating Neutrality: The Difference between Pursuing Happiness & Simply Being Happy

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“Cultivating neutrality is how I describe the process of acquiring equanimity. What I mean by this is a state where you are neither happy nor sad, neither elevated nor depressed, but simply neutral.” 15 more words

Lisa's Blog ~ Holding Neutral For Loved Ones

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Holding Neutral For Loved Ones

As Lightworkers with a degree of conscious awareness, many of us feel confused or troubled viewing behavior or situations that we encounter in the family/friend environment. 721 more words


Life in the illusion has been practically lifeless


Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken.  Of course it could not have chosen to remain slumbering indefinitely, because slumbering is an illusory concept that is only possible in the illusion, but it could have further delayed its decision to wake up.   778 more words

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Bill Ballard

1-28-13 Bill Ballard ~ More Intense Clearing of the Past Going On ~ 5D House Cleaning

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Ascension Alchemy

Angela Peregoff

 The Week Ahead: Play Into Awakening

a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff

Monday, 2 April, 2012

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