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“the Day will declare it”

1 Corinthians 3:13

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The Story of Thanksgiving Day

Crossing the Atlantic, most of the 102 passengers aboard the tiny Mayflower suffered severely from sea sickness. As they finally sighted Cape Cod on November 9, 1620 with only one death among them, they fell to their knees and thanked God who brought them “over the fast and furious ocean … and a sea of troubles.” 328 more words

Love In Life


“a poor man in shabby clothes”

James 2:2

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Our Summer Village: Beyond Forgotten

There is but one road leading to the isolated village, our summer village.

A place little touched by time, by technology’s progress, or by the frenetic pace of getting ahead. 406 more words


Thanksgiving in action

Happy Thanksgiving week! Yes, thats right, week. Let’s celebrate the entire week with gratitude, but instead of just words of gratitude let’s put them into action. 273 more words


Is He REALLY In Love With You?

I remember growing up and hearing elders say that when you meet ‘the one’ that you will just know.  I remember thinking…”How are you just gonna know?   770 more words


Don't Judge My Post!

I come from an extremely judgemental family.  As a child, we used to travel to Jamaica almost yearly, and I vividly remember watching my aunts and cousins sit on the veranda (porch) to people watch.  730 more words

Loving Others