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The best way to show you love someone is to pray for them

Have you got someone in your life who you want to love but just can’t? Either because they are difficult to love in general or because they won’t let you love them at all? 643 more words


Supernatural responses

Have you ever put something together from IKEA? Even though the directions were confusing, difficult, and disputable, without them we would have been sunk. Therefore, we poured over every page, photograph, diagram, and step-by-step direction, gleaning what help each could offer. 3,864 more words

Small Group Lessons

A Better World

I’ve noticed my posts becoming progressively less frequent over the last couple of years. Common enough experience for most bloggers. I’m not sure the reasons are necessarily as common; perhaps. 254 more words


The Sacrifice of Listening

I’ve recently been reminded of how hard it is to witness someone’s pain, hardships, trials, sufferings. It’s hard being a member of the inner circle of friends and family who know about the suffering (whatever it is) and not know how to handle it. 976 more words


Love Your Neighbor as YOURSELF.

Two of the greatest commandments ever given from God to man. But I want to focus on the second: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And I want to look at it in an entirely new way than we are used to looking at it. 839 more words

Distressing Truths About God's Love

Human love is largely based on need. We love when it personally benefits us to do so, and those we love most are those we need the most. 2,747 more words

His Love