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Here's What Happened When I Did One Thing That Scared Me Every Day For A Month

When I decided I was going to do one thing every day that scared me for a whole month, I’d already gone skydiving. I’d already traveled through another country on my own. 1,343 more words

You Love God But You Hate People: Why You’re Not a Spiritual Failure

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Can you be a devoted Christian who is greatly pleasing God if you currently loathe other humans?  The modern Church, the apostle Paul, and the apostle John would all say no.  2,784 more words

How God Judges Us

Part 2

I wanted to make a follow up to my last post. I talked about changing others, or how I thought that God was going to change another person in my life. 359 more words

Christian Life

Love God. Love One Another.

By K Marie

The Best Friend You will Ever Have:

Do you think of God as your friend and companion? Before I truly became a Christian, I never did. 897 more words


Valuable Lessons I have Learned as a Teacher

It is hard being the teacher. It is so much easier being a student.  It looked easier from a student’s point a view kind of like parenting looks easier from a childless view point.  881 more words

Biblicial Teaching

What I mean when I say "Self Love"

I think about half of my blog posts started out as a Facebook comment to somebody’s status. Today a good friend of mine posed a really great thought about self love being humanistic and self worship. 526 more words



Long ago and far away this might have happened to you.  If not, you can always just stop and pray for me. :-)


What?  Me?   1,184 more words