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Kindness: All or Nothing

As I made my way over to work on Sunday evening, I found myself grumbling about having to work with a specific coworker. While driving and complaining to myself about how my shift was going to be the worst because of so-and-so would be working with me, I was hit with conviction. 378 more words



Something I have been dealing with is my affection towards my own comfort. A big problem with feeling entitlement of whatever source, is that it takes your eyes off of other people’s needs. 184 more words


Stop Hiding Your Light

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My face beamed as I read my friends words and the corners of my mouth curved into an awkward smile. She was happy. For me. 196 more words

Spiritual Growth

It's So Hard, Isn't It?

The other day walking back to my van after the sad goodbyes at daycare, I flashed my distraught boys the “I love you” sign as I do each morning before I leave. 918 more words


Community Event Idea: A Free Garage Sale?

Idea: A Garage Sale Giveaway or Free Garage Sale is pretty self-explanatory. Essentially, you have a garage sale or rummage sale at your church. However, the big difference is that EVERYTHING IS FREE. 419 more words


Loving Others

This weekend I heard a teaching from our senior pastor that reflects why we continue to go to church there and LOVE it. He stopped his regular series to discuss the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. 330 more words