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The Christian Response to the Immigration Crisis

Have you ever had to drink muddy water? Where do you go to the bathroom? Have you ever spent just one night in a tent made for four people, but there are ten people living in it? 566 more words


John's Letters to Specific Christian Friends

John’s second letter may have been written to an individual believer, or to an individual church (340).  Possibly, ongoing persecution of Christians led John to address this short letter in code (so to speak), so that no one would experience greater persecution because of it. 159 more words

How can it be

Jerry had a lot of bananas left after the meal in the park and wanted to take them down to tent city. So all us started packing up the leftovers to take as well. 398 more words

Eight Years

Have been so busy the last few weeks that it almost slipped my mind. Saturday October 31, marked eight years of serving our friends in the park and on the streets. 121 more words

Loving People to Life with Honesty

Honest words can be hard to hear. Painful at times. Depending on how they are spoken to us, they cause us to usually do one of two things: become angry and ignore them or become thankful and reflect on any truth in them. 243 more words


Getting Level

Being on level ground just has a way of helping you stand well-understood in relationships and Jesus certainly modeled that when He went to a mountainside to pray, spent the night praying to God and the next morning, He was given the clarity in His mind who would be declared His disciples!!! 1,087 more words

Being Loved by Jesus makes me love like Jesus....

Being Loved By Jesus Makes Me Love Like Jesus….

Yeah, it is really strange that my God would love me…. It makes no sense to the world around us for me love them when they don’t love me….. 964 more words

Loving Jesus