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I almost wrecked tonight.

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Tonight, my gas pedal became lodged and as I tried to apply the brake, my car acted as if it was refusing to stop.  1,301 more words


The 2 Top Priorities in Life

You know that moment when you think that you’re at the end of your life and all the things you know you’re supposed to do haven’t been done yet?  589 more words



2000 students surrounding each of us on one campus, and I held close relationships with just about a handful of them. As I walked the streets of New York City I became more aware of how big this world is, and how small I am in comparison. 524 more words


"Sandwich Lady"

When I started going to the park, before there was Mosaic Street Ministry and our Sunday dinners in the park…there was just me and my bag of sandwiches. 629 more words

On Lies, Dream-Chasing and People in my Life [PART 1]

Dear God,

Thank you so much for the life of my leader and mentor, Ate Ranee, along with my other leaders at church and my sisters in cell group. 1,473 more words

Adventures Of A Cell Leader

The people we attract are our mirror. If you don’t like what you attract, then take a closer at your mirror and to see what you need to change in yourself.


Fitting in with the Cool Kids....

Fitting in with the Cool Kids….

There were so many things in my life that caused me to be just a little different than the “in crowd”… There were a couple of times when I was in school that I wanted to fit in but for the most part I liked to be alone or have just a friend or two… I wasn’t standoffish so I could kind of mingle with just about anyone or any group…. 1,479 more words

Loving Jesus