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A Thought from the Streets

Asked one of our friends on the streets “If you could tell everyone one thing, what would it be?”


“The next time you stop to stare at me and then quickly turn your head…..maybe take a moment and see me, the real me.” ……………Malcom


Love is all

With hands held high and heart pouring down the sky, here she stands. With love on the line and burning soul the atmosphere is changing. The atmosphere is breaking all the chains, all the castle walls. 244 more words

Thought Cloud

Upcoming Events in July

This month we are going to have some exciting things going on. Please keep an eye open on the blog to keep up to date on the events that are going to be taking place here at Trinity Baptist Church. 72 more words

A Day in the Life of Xcel

Sunday ~ what a day. It doesn’t happen by chance. We pray like it depends on God but BIG UP to the teams that work like it depends on them!! 296 more words


Your more than you think

He shared with us something he had become involved with and is trying to raise awareness about. I am so proud of our friend in the park, the long way he has come, the change in his life and looking forward to seeing where the journey takes him. 177 more words


Are You Doing Love Wrong

I haven’t posted in awhile, the last few weeks have been busy, so I thought I would sit and write some thoughts about the park and what is going on. 513 more words

Confessions of Love

What is love?
(baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.)
We really like love. We like the idea of it. We long and hope for it. 1,748 more words

Relationship With God