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3x08 Silence to Joy

Dedication goes to @snoopmk for her wonderful help with the transcript :D

Forewarning: This has 91 gifs (if I counted correctly!!) I did accidentally forget to do one scene… but I’m not going to go back and do it…. 2,185 more words

Call The Midwife

3x07 Difficult Moments

I’ve made no secret on here and Tumblr that I was NOT looking forward to doing this…. and I’m still not- I’m only doing it now as a means to get to 3×08… and that is it… 1,178 more words

Call The Midwife

The Journey of One Midwife Part Nine

Can you believe it? Part nine… jump past ten and this is my longest fic I have ever written… Dedication goes to @poplarpatience  for your reviews on Fanfiction.net made my night when I read them! 1,323 more words

Call The Midwife

3x06 Through the Hatch

I’ve titled this one “Through the Hatch” for a reason… the majority of the conversations happen near the hatch….

First up is the first family conversation… and, while I don’t like the episode as a whole that much, this scene and one other remain loved. 1,116 more words

Call The Midwife

What is Unconditional Love and Where Do I Get It?

I think this is a brilliant question. It’s about the difference between Unconditional Love and Conditional Love.

I’ll come back to this question in a moment. 741 more words


"The Faithful 2 and 1/2" Joshua 22:1-9 (15 March 2015)

// Then Joshua summoned the Reubenites and the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh, and said to them, “You have kept all that Moses the servant of the Lord commanded you, and have listened to my voice in all that I commanded you. 1,464 more words

Regular Sermon

3x04 Intimate married moments

I admit, I was struggling on title for this one… and then it struck me… so forward I go!

Patrick:  I shall see you at the Clinic. 802 more words

Call The Midwife