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Baring Each Layer

Lock your eyes into mine

as I take off your clothes

baring one layer of you

at a time


each moment that made you… 33 more words


Your Rain Song

It rained

the song of you


soft melody

of lips melting with mine

fresh scent

of morning skin

begging for my touch

sweet sounds… 23 more words


I Don't Do Fridge's, Floors or Flamingos

Today is trash day. Three cheers for Tuesday trash day. I’ll add an extra T and make it an alliteration. It’s Tuesday Terrific Trash day. It’s terrific because the trash smells. 365 more words

Don't Give up on Love & Relationships!

Dear Sybersue discusses how many men and women are sad, lonely or angry about the difficulties in finding a solid partnership today.

Many people are giving up on… 175 more words


Her Triumph

via Daily Prompt: Triumph

In her triumph

he would be

completely undone



nothing left

everything given

nothing held back

fucking happy as hell… 9 more words


Way to Make Long-Lasting Relationship Work

Way to Make Long-Lasting Relationship Work

No one said that long distance relationship is easier to handle and make it long lasting, but a couple doesn’t have ruined their relation, but now thing comes this that how to make it long lasting and conflict free if you are looking for that then here is a… 264 more words

Five Ways To Maintain A Long-term Relationship