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3X02 Dreams and wishes

It surprised me when I went back to do the “Little Moments” for this episode the total lack of Turnadette moments. They are only in two scenes together total… but, oh the wonderful gifs that came out of them. 327 more words

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3x01 Newlywed Turners

I’m 3/4th of the way through series 4 when I began doing this series. It’s crazy going backwards and seeing them back at the beginning… especially in the little moments… 252 more words

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2014 Christmas Special- Little Moment style

This began simply from overwatching Turnadette clips on my computer. Once I figured out how to make gifs using Photoscape, the “Little Moments” series began on Tumblr… 89 more words

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4x01 Bedroom loveliness

4×01 causes the first reappearance of the bedroom but the first for pajama wear. It’s also the scene of the simplest hand-holding. In take one- Patrick is the leaning in toward her… 53 more words

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4x03 Sherlock and Watson

4×02 is a total no-show for Turnadette moments… there is a rather brief glance between them at the engagment party, but nothing significant.

4×03 opens with the clinic scene and the Crane’s arrival. 139 more words

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5 signs that say he REALLY likes you

Strangely enough, a lot of women think men are the most playful beings. But after research with a lot of men, I found that men are the most direct with their signs, women just choose to view them as something else, like a “booty call sign” maybe? 861 more words

Beware of these 10 Booty Call Signs Ladies

The signs cannot be any clearer than this ladies… In fact, the best you can do for yourself is walk away. Persisting will only make you look like a psycho. 935 more words