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Way to Make Long-Lasting Relationship Work

Way to Make Long-Lasting Relationship Work

No one said that long distance relationship is easier to handle and make it long lasting, but a couple doesn’t have ruined their relation, but now thing comes this that how to make it long lasting and conflict free if you are looking for that then here is a… 264 more words

Five Ways To Maintain A Long-term Relationship


Eyes that display humor and kindess to all who look into them

A nose that flares when he can’t hold in his laughter

Cheeks that show his laughing dimples that dance across his face… 30 more words

Loving relationships- how do they last?

Today, we live better than ever before, we have better food, better educations. More people than ever can live a decent life without dying from hunger. 262 more words

Life Purpose

When It Is Time to Say Goodbye (Part Two)

In the article “When It’s Time to Say Goodbye (part One)” I addressed three important questions for you to ask yourself before making a decision to end a relationship. 406 more words


The Plight of the Modern Woman in Search for the Modern Man

To all my magnificent single sisters: This one’s for you! 

The Plight of the Modern Woman in Search for the Modern Man

Intelligent, independent, courageous and strong, 191 more words


Is This About You Or Is It More About Me?

When your relationship begins to falter, and there will be times it will, you may want to find something or someone to blame. You may even be left wondering if this was something that you did or said or something that they did or said. 389 more words