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How to Find Unconditional Love in Your Relationships?

I’ve already addressed in another article what is unconditional love but let’s review. Put simply, and as the words would imply, unconditional love is love that is given without the expectation of anything in return. 520 more words


Does Unconditional Love Exist?

There’s a saying I’ve heard, and possibly even said myself, which suggests that the only love that is unconditional is the love of a mother for her newborn baby. 609 more words


Is Marriage Going Out Of Style?

You may already know that I have four children, all adults, who are starting to look at entering into long term relationships now that their childhood has passed them by. 579 more words


Are You Addicted To Love?

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life and maybe only second to becoming a parent. Consequently it is crucial that it is a decision made with considerable thought and care to ensure that, as much as possible, it will create a lasting relationship. 433 more words


He says he wants me but will not commit

To know in your mind, and feel in your heart, that you are in a committed relationship and that whatever happens, your partner will still be there for you, brings a sense of security to those in the relationship that love alone cannot provide. 676 more words


Indicators That Your Relationship Is In Deep Trouble

Why Do My Parents Hate Each Other So Much?

I was speaking to a young boy this week, let’s call him Mat (not his real name), who asked me a question about his divorcing parents – “Why do my parents hate each other so much?” 491 more words