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What happens in sepsis, exactly?

What is it?

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition in which the body’s reaction to infection starts to damage its own tissues.

Typical symptoms include fever, increased heart rate and breathing rate, and confusion. 665 more words

iPress Release: What is the connection between nitrates and migraines?


What is the story? Interesting findings indeed and not what you would expect! After quite a bit of literature research I found a very new connection that no one has yet discovered or discussed! 60 more words

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Understanding Blood Pressure and Keeping It Normal

Having a normal blood pressure is very important to lead a healthy life. Without the right pressure, which ensures that our blood flows around your circulatory system, the oxygen and nutrients do not get delivered through the arteries to the tissues and organs. 959 more words

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This past 2 weeks I have been so perplexed.

My husband has numerous health issues, and I know the signs of heart attack, stroke, low blood pressure, and low blood sugar, but this past fortnight he just hasn’t been right. 74 more words

MIranda (Miranda34), Steroid-Induced Cushing's

I have only recently been diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome,and it is due to the mediciine i take for asthma.ilast year i kept collapsing in the street and iwas suffering from low blood-pressure and hypoglycemia. 143 more words


Natural Ways To Lower Hypertension Levels And Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem reported in healthcare centers. Today, you can find an astounding range of products in online market that boast off cure from health issues like hypertension. 501 more words

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Low blood pressure diet also cuts risk of kidney disease - Johns Hopkins

People who ate a diet high in nuts and legumes, low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and low in red and processed meat, sugar-sweetened beverages and sodium were at a significantly lower risk of developing chronic kidney disease over the course of more than two decades, new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research suggests. 631 more words