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My stomach is in pain, a deep pain that feels like my insides have been beaten and stomped on. Purging an average of 7 times per day is wrecking more havoc on my body, I can sense an oncoming final binge and purge that will change everything. 189 more words

Free Fall

Our demons are never our own at least not wholly, there are always loved ones who take partial ownership.. casualties of these personal afflictions of ours. 304 more words

It is in the Blood...

Peace is short-lived but only if we choose to fall away from it. It doesn’t matter if it is one small bump or a hard crash, we can lose our grip on it if we are not focused on doing what is good and right for us. 1,679 more words

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Addison's Natural Remedies

Low cortisol production from the adrenals can lead to Addison’s disease. A loss of aldosterone can cause low blood pressure, dehydration, or even shock. Another sign may be excessive skin pigmentation, and hypoglycemia. 525 more words

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Why I'm Rubbish At Exercise

Look at me, keeping up with day two of the Juneathon and everything.

I’m kind of proud.

I do not want to admit on a daily basis how badly I may have ‘tried’ to exercise so I plan to cover a few days at a time and some other topics in between. 1,358 more words