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Treatment of Low Blood Pressure

Treatment of low blood pressure depends on the causes. If a person develops low blood pressure as a result of another medical condition, it is most likely that the blood pressure would become regulated when the underlying condition is treated. 65 more words

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Signs and Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

If there are no other symptoms, then low blood pressure itself is usually not much of a problem but if any of the following symptoms accompany a significant drop in blood pressure, then there is a need to consult a doctor as untreated low blood pressure with the following symptoms may be dangerous: 143 more words

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I have been too weary to write, too preoccupied to string words together and actually make sense. I have so much to say, so much has been happening. 50 more words

What Causes Low Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure refers to the force which the blood exerts on the blood vessels during circulation. It occurs when the heart tries to pump blood into the arteries for circulation to other parts of the body. 645 more words

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Plant Stem Cell Therapies

Plant stem cells are innately undifferentiated cells located in the meristems of plants, the tissue in most plants. Undifferentiated cells Plant stem cells are characterized by two distinctive properties, which are not only the ability to create all differentiated cell types but the ability to self-renew. 374 more words


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