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Ayam Panggang 396 Kalori

Ini entri pertama saya tentang resepi. Dulu, pada tahun 2009, berat saya mencecah 86kg. Saya jaga diet dan bersenam dan berjaya kurangkan 26kg dalam masa setahun. 502 more words

Ayam Panggang

Eat fit ragi-oat meal

Eat fit ragi-oat meal for your special weekday mornings

Ragi Oats is the best meal to kick start your day with wholesome breakfast. It has all the goodies like milk, ragi, oats and dates that keeps you energetic when you leave for work. 377 more words

Healthy Food

Healthy yet sinful eating!(Product review-Poshtick)

‘You are what you eat’

-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

All of us have heard this term quite a many times.But how many times we actually think about it?? 570 more words

Tomatillo...The Sweet yet Spicy Cousin of the Tomato

Sweet and Spicy Tomatillo

Tomatillo, also known as Tomate,  are small spherical shaped Berries in the tomato family of fruits/ Vegetables. They are however most often considered and served as a vegetable.   231 more words


Napoles- There's nothing "Dry" about this Cactus Flower!

Nopales also knows as Cactus Flower is a Modified Evergreen plant that grows well in the Semi arid and dry areas of North Mexico. Although it grows best in the desert, there is nothing dry about this cactus flower. 75 more words