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Use Air Fryer for Healthy Iftaar Food

All that oily dripping food is what we are consuming during Ramazan but if you’re health conscious yet love samosay, Pakorray and all that deep fried goodness, then there’s a way to devour these yummy food items without oil. 875 more words


My Impromptu Dinner Party

I love entertaining. I love hosting cocktail, dinner or karaoke parties. Basically, I’ll use any excuse to throw a party (Flag Day Party, anyone??)  But know what I don’t love about a lot of parties – the crazy calorie heavy food and drinks at most of them. 479 more words


Low calorie diet for fitness

క్యాలరీలు తక్కువ.. ఫిట్‌నెస్ ఎక్కువ..!

ఉమ: ఏంటి సంధ్యా.. ఈ మధ్య చాలా లావైపోతున్నావ్..!
సంధ్య: ఏమో ఉమా.. తిండి విషయంలో కూడా జాగ్రత్తగానే ఉంటున్నాను. అయినా బరువు పెరిగిపోతున్నాను.
మీది కూడా ఇదే సమస్యా? readmore

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Weekend Consumption

I had 6 Slices of bread for the entire weekend.

On Sundays I Mom’s and Aunt’s Lunch I cant miss. Nothing can really beat a home cook meal. 14 more words

Low Calorie Food

Meal at midnight shift

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What you like for breakfast? Something that is easy to make, gives you a lot of energy, light in cals, but keeps you going till lunch time! 39 more words

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