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Low Carb Bleus


I will call it BLUE, because I’m American and I cant reverse my vowels.

The Cordon Blue has many variations but is generally a cutlet some meat and some cheese all wrapped together, breaded and then deep fried.   242 more words


It's all a big CROCK!

I bet everyone can remember that DREADED crock pot that our mothers had perched up on the counter on Sunday mornings.  It was new, it was exciting!   373 more words


Healthy Eating

We, as a whole realize that eating right can help you keep up a solid weight and maintain a strategic distance from certain medical issues, however, your eating regimen can likewise profoundly affect your state of mind and feeling of prosperity. 117 more words

Low-carb recipe

A Low carb recipes are reducing the our weight and make a healthy body. You should take the low diet. And you should  probably seeking what’s the best program to follow to  reduce the weight. 102 more words

Low Carb Blueberry Chocolate Mousse

Dear food-lovers out there,

After reading this sentence, close your eyes for a minute, imagine the sweet, velvety taste of coconut, a sweet and sour little blueberry-prickle on your tongue, and a hint of bitter and spicy cacao and cinnamon. 628 more words


Low Carb CheeseCake

Since being diagnosed with PCOS, I have really had to change my approach to my diet. (Some might refer to this as a “lifestyle change” but to me, idk I think the word diet has been robbed).   222 more words


I'm kind of a big DILL

I need a snack.   I have to eat.

I work out, I drink water, I eat real food – OFTEN.

SO, when I need to grab a quick snack, there are few things I like to have on hand.     323 more words