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Eco-city Development in China

Written by Wu Deng.

China is undergoing the largest scale urbanization in history and at an unprecedented pace. Between 1991 and 2012, China’s urban population increased from 26.4% to 52.6%. 819 more words


Is 100% Renewable Energy Feasible? New Paper Argues for a Different Target

We need all the tools in the low-carbon toolbox to get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, top energy researchers say.

“If we push down the avenue of 100 percent renewables, it will become very obvious very quickly that it is neither cheap nor effective,” Clack said. 33 more words


Why we'll need bigger batteries

Think of an average household and you’ll notice that there’s a definite daily pattern in its energy usage. Millions of such households produce a similar pattern in an economy as well. 2,327 more words


And... breathe.

I’m very lucky. I’ve just got back from a glorious 10 day holiday where my family and I plus a group of friends were able to kick back, relax and soak up the sunshine in the French countryside. 425 more words

Double pea barley risotto

Pearl barley seems to have got stuck in the winter stew category. No more! The chewy fat grains make a great summery (and very affordable) risotto. 433 more words