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BMJ vs The Lancet: there are no winners in the 'statins war' - The Conversation

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This is an excellent and important read from The Conversation. It argues that newspapers misreporting on the ongoing debate is likely to lead to more deaths from cardiovascular disease. 162 more words


Six Tips To Lowering Cholesterol Naturally...

I’ve been battling a high LDL level myself, lately. I’m taking meds now, but I want to reduce it naturally!! Tired of remembering to take tablets every night. 28 more words

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Should you take statins? The latest cholesterol debate explained | World Economic Forum

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This is a must-read from the WEF. It reports that millions of people around the world take statins to reduce their risk of… 156 more words


Daily fresh fruit lowers heart death risk as much as statins - Telegraph

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Citing latest research at Oxford University, the Telegraph reports that eating a piece of fruit each day significantly lowers the risk of suffering a… 198 more words


Vitamin of the Week Part Two - Vitamin B3 - Niacin - Link to cholesterol

Earlier in the week I posted on Vitamin B3 – Niacin – and included reference to this nutrient’s effect on the balance of unhealthy and healthy cholesterol in our bodies. 925 more words

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The Medicine Woman's Treasure Chest - Cranberries more than just sauce for the Turkey

Did you really think you would get away without any health posts this week….sorry!!!

Of course we are not allowed to say that any food or plant can cure anything but we can say that they may have therapeutic properties.  1,491 more words

Circulatory System

The Green Juice

Celery Plays a vital role in digestion, Super Rich in Fiber and helps in proper bowel movement thus preventing constipation. It also maintains the acid balance in our body and prevents acidity. 173 more words

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