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demostraciones con dibujitos

genus 2- handlebody split of

donde es un 2-toro.

Low Dimensional Topology

elementary classes of 3-manifolds

Strangely, there are very few places that offer simple types or simple constructions of these topological beings. Sometimes innocent guessing make us to think that only is the only space we need to appreciate all the available 3d-complexity. 16 more words


Mike Freedman on SPC4

Mike Freedman gave a talk last week at Berkeley titled “(Still) thinking about the smooth 4-dimensional Poincare conjecture”, and I’d like to try and relate the main idea. 1,118 more words

Low-dimensional Topology

a theorem about 3-manifolds and circle-foliations

si M es una tres-variedad cerrada y foliada por uno-esferas sobre un orbifold que tiene más de dos curvo-reflectores, y pero que M no admite al tres-toro como cubriente entonces el SW-género de M es mayor que uno


Moxi: the cartesian product of the mobius-strip and an interval

MoxI is a solid Klein bottle, the genus one nonorientable handlebody. Here we see it with some typical curves on


look a rough view

another earlier

Cucei Math

mapping class group of the Klein bottle

the Klein bottle is gotten from a quotient in the two-torus via

so to get all the isotopy classes one need to consider the auto-homeomorphisms of the torus. 79 more words