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The Benefits of Myofascial Release and Chronic Fatigue

A common benefit I get from my clients regarding their Myofascial Release sessions with me is feeling more full of energy. Growing less and less tired each time. 651 more words


exhausted and done for the week

Hi everyone,

I’m just totally exhausted. This has felt like the longest rollercoaster of a week. Between starting with me still on my creative high from a few days after Christmas. 1,037 more words

Mental Illness

What Happens to Your Body When you Give Up Sugar?

December is almost over which means that most of us are ready to switch out of ‘over-indulgence’ mode and into a far more virtuous mind-set. With Christmas goodies all around, it’s so easy to eat more sugar than during the whole rest of the year and January is a great time to think about seriously reducing your sugar intake, or even giving it up altogether. 348 more words

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NOW Foods Men's Virility Power

Price: $45.10, SKU: NF25616, Brand: NOW Foods, Size: 120 capsules

Dec :

Men’s Virility Power is a synergy of vitality herbs to invigorate men and support their effective and fast paced lifestyle. 51 more words

Managing your energy for more results in less hours

If you know you’re always sleepy after lunch, why try to do work that requires intense concentration at that time? It’ll take you 1 hour to produce what would take 10 minutes at another time. 897 more words

Low motivation stalling progress? Motivate yourself with a 2 minute benefit stacking brainstorm!

Some days you get to work, sit down and just don’t feel like focussing on the task at hand. Even though you’ve planned for the day the night before, that motivational spark to get you started is not there. 453 more words

Day 70 - Warning: low energy levels 

Okay, so it’s been a bit of a week with ups and downs. Some real disappointments mixed with new opportunities,  while battling through a week with a flu. 317 more words

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