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Pressure Cooker

I know it’s been far too long since I have written and I have missed it terribly. It feels as if a piece of my soul is not complete without being able to express myself. 1,135 more words

The Journey

The rain had stopped but the air was full of moisture. Breath turned into clouds of vapor. The morning bus route was hazed with fog until the rising sun burned it off. 87 more words

Life In California

Herbal Energy Pills for Male to Boost Endurance, Strength, Stamina

Fatigue relieving products can be commonly available from market at present. Selecting the right herbal energy pills for male holds a prominent role in getting satisfactory result. 540 more words

Low Energy

You are Buddha

Most of us love Christmas and New Year. It is a time to celebrate and connect with those closest to our hearts. For some though, this time of year can provoke feelings of depression, low energy and loneliness. 95 more words

We are Buddha by Nature

For most of us, Christmas and New Year are a time for celebration. For some, this time of year can provoke feelings of loneliness, sadness and low energy. 92 more words

Buddha by Nature

At this time of year, particularly over Christmas and New Year, someone you know my be feeling low, lonely or lacking in energy.

In this article Lama Shenpen advises a student who is experiencing a very low point in their life. 63 more words

Emilio: From His Bedroom to Yours

When we talk lo-fi, we refer to the quality of sound—we hear the crackle, the fuzz, and the rawness. Simplicity is to be expected. Lo-fi, from low fidelity, is synonymous to substandard quality. 435 more words