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No Energy today? Let's fix that...

Do you have no energy, today?
Why is that?
Why don’t you have 10 times the energy you do, today?
You can.

There are forces within you that are fighting against the real you, blocking 90% of your energy. 2,665 more words

Flying Dream Running Out of Energy

This is a dream I had on April 21, 2017 –
I found myself consciously awake on the Astral plane.
I was able to fly because I felt like it; I was in a neighborhood area with houses and backyards and fences, and I was standing outside in some back yard and decided “I want to fly now to get out of here, and see the whole area from a high up point of view” – something I like to do a lot because I can then go to wherever I want from there. 669 more words

71 - Feeling blue with bright kids

W71 – Feeling blue with bright kids

La semaine dernière, le verre était à moitié vide.. Grosse grosse crève, grosse fatigue, grosse déprime, gros problèmes de communication… 52 more words


Engineered Wood Siding: Beautiful & Sustainable

In spring 2017 we installed siding on the EkoModel Home. If you’ve followed the build of this passive house that we’re using as a showroom for what we can build, you’ll be familiar with its two-storey, flat-roofed visage. 199 more words


What Is Wrong With Me?

Have you ever arrived at the place where things don’t seem to matter much anymore? You are tired of the routine of life and there’s nothing new under the sun? 1,069 more words


Gotta Eat More Fat: Hamburger with a Spoon! (Days 3 and 4)

The first time I tried an elimination diet 10 years ago, I remember having such little energy and feeling lightheaded all the time.  What I didn’t understand back then was that those symptoms were because… 300 more words


Your questions answered!

The Ottawa Home & Garden Show last weekend was a tremendous experience. As ever, we enjoyed many rich conversations and answered a lot of questions. We thought we’d share some background here for our newest readers. 292 more words