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What's the best low energy you, you can be?

One of the things that I often hear from working parents is that they lack energy. And this is completely understandable! There just are a lot of demands on you AND there tends to be less time for self-care and recharging. 254 more words

Work Life Balance

Where did all the energy go?

For the last week, I’ve been sleeping for England. I have no clue where this has come from so it’s time to investigate. Basically, I’ve been having afternoon “naps” of up to three hours (“That’s not a nap, that’s a full sleep cycle”, I hear you cry), then going to bed between 10pm and 11pm and sleep through until 6am. 269 more words


Wireless Heart Monitor

The importance of monitoring internal conditions specifically the heart, which is one of the most vulnerable part of human body arises to many heart monitoring equipment to ensure proper vital signs of the heart. 35 more words


YES, She DID Leave Her Shoe, But She Was "Overheated"

No first responders left ground zero for their daughter's $10M apartment bc they felt "overheated." #SickHillary #lowenergy #fraud #MAGA

— Isidro Marino (@pandemoniumcirc) September 11, 2016…

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Hillary Fraud

New pricing and approach to EkoBuilt's passive house kits

We’ve made some fundamental changes to how we price and deliver our Passive House kits, and here’s why:

EkoBuilt’s goal is to provide anyone building a new home the opportunity of achieving an affordable Passive House.

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I have been walking in a fog

My mind blurred at the edges,

thoughts soft asĀ cirrocumulus

passing above on a summer day.

Nothing feels important enough… 26 more words


Pips Help Everyone Around the House

Sometimes you start a project with every intention of using it in a specific way, or maybe your plan is to have a very well-defined set of features. 255 more words