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Pointless Superpowers

Recently, my dear friend John looked at me and said (in awe, I like to think), “I have never seen anyone consume as much caffeine as you have and stay so calm.” 631 more words

Bright Aster

Juro’s Pharmacy Health & Wellness & Central Wellness Present: Ladies Night Out: How to Age Gracefully

Presently, the degenerative diseases of aging are one of humankind’s greatest challenges: cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease prematurely kill and disable millions of people worldwide.  339 more words


My Fitness Pal, Protein Shakes, Energy and Holiday

So, yesterday I signed up to My Fitness Pal and you can find my profile here. If anyone wants to add me as a friend on there then feel free.  632 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

Formula: ↑Work load + ↑Stress + ↓Energy = need a Yoga Holiday

Have you been working too hard lately?
Stress levels through the roof?
Do your energy levels need a serious boost?

It sounds like it is time for you to take action and put your well-being, health and happiness top of your priority list. 245 more words

Nine Diet Mistakes that Are Making You Tired

You eat too many refined carbs.

Carbohydrate-rich foods are metabolized into blood glucose, the only form of energy the body can use immediately. But not all carbohydrates are created equal. 738 more words


Tony reblogged this on One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Longer and commented:

For a balanced release of energy choose low-glycemic carbohydrates such as 100-per-cent stone-ground bread, 100-per-cent bran cereals, steel-cut and large-flake oatmeal, milk, yogurt, soy beverages, apples, bananas, pears, oranges, dried apricots, berries, nuts, seeds and beans and lentils. There is wonderful, useful information in this piece. Once again, a recurring theme is how processed foods bring us down. It's so much better to keep out food choices simple and natural. You can check out my Page - Snacking – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for more. Tony

What I do on low energy days

Hey Guys and Dolls :)

how is everyone? all good I hope :)

well today is a bit of a bad day, I think I overdid it a bit yesterday :( I didnt think I had beeen to bad until I had a seizure n proper crashed (energy wise) last night. 220 more words

Hidden Disability

Audiovisual Has Become Essential

As you may know from previous posts, I was invited to attend the #YCombinator #FemaleFounders Event in San Francisco earlier this year. While waiting in line I chatted up another attendee. 740 more words