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Kitchen Hints of the Day!

Here’s some healthier ways for your recipes…..

* In place of sour cream, try using non-fat sour cream, yogurt or pureed low-fat cottage cheese.

* Use skim milk in place of whole milk. 11 more words


surprisingly unhealthy "healthy" foods

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “FAT FREE” and “LOW FAT”?   mostly good stuff right? but did you know that the majority of fat free foods are not good for you? 79 more words

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Are low fat foods a healthier choice?

The truth: A low fat or reduced fat item may have nearly as many calories as a high fat version because ingredients like sugar often replace the fat to make the product taste better. 83 more words

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Dieting Is Painful This Time of Year… Let's Eat Pie

This time of year our self-control gets put to the test. Believe me, I know. I’ve got a box of Sees candy in the fridge given to me as a gift. 227 more words

Low Fat Foods

Fat is not the Enemy

A few decades ago, “low-fat” and “fat-free” were all the rage.  The “experts” decided that dietary fat reduction would reduce obesity and heart disease.  Even the American Heart Association got behind this initiative. 162 more words

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Best Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Fast

Most people know that weight gain problem. There are also some people who spend a lot of money, expensive as they try different ways to slim down. 445 more words

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Low-fat high protein foods for fat loss

Summary: A seamless foods that have a big amount of protein will extremely help you to lose fat and weight very fast and in effective way, the mentioned low-fat rich protein foods for fat loss are probably available to everybody around the globe. 581 more words

Low-fat Foods