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Cauliflower-coconut patties

This is the recipe I made last Thursday, on the 19th. It was supposed to be a fried cauliflower bite, but it ended up being completely different because of the ingredients I used and my muscle memory because of the way I usually make broccoli patties. 464 more words


Maple Chili Pork Chops (Or Sweet, Sweet Meaty Sin!)

I made things. Meaty things. With maple syrup.

It was such sweet, sweet sin.


I live for spicy, and while the recipe for maple chili pork chops didn’t push my spicy envelope, it had a nice kick. 212 more words


Yummy Baking on a Low-Glycemic Index Diet

I found out a few years ago that processed sugars bother me. They make me more fatigued, my skin breaks out more and more allergy issues. 749 more words


Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Muffins

My husband and I wanted to make something yummy and healthy. So, using what we know about meat muffins, we came up with this.  Hope you like it.   53 more words


Mexican-Style Quinoa

I love carbs! But carbs that are lacking nutrients can be a waste of space in our body. What you really want are carbohydrates that are rich in nutrients and leave you feeling fuller longer. 313 more words


Can You Eat Cake?

My Easy Healthy Meal:

1-2 cups Japanese mix greens, mushrooms, and pickled cucumbers over 1/2 c. cellphone  pasta, tea, 1 small sl. pear wedges = 50 carbs… 213 more words

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