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Well, That's Annoying: Nonstop Beeping

Let’s say you’re playing a Zelda game for the first time, one of the older classics like A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time… 782 more words

Jacob Deming

45 and professions.

3 things you will realize fast,you will not need any professions other than the main 2 and archaeology while playing a mage. conjure refreshment will solve health and mana from cooking and first aid, and if you have glyph of evocation, you don’t need to worry about it ever again. 209 more words

dual talent

so, as the name suggests, i got dual talent specialization, i now have a frost and a fire spec, and i have set up 2 hot bars in case i want to pvp later. 67 more words

level 30

i will be leveling to 30 tonight by dungeoning (if the dungeon finder will allow me to stay there for more than 5 minutes) if the tank is good, and the heals are too, i will be able to reach 30 in about an hour or so. 28 more words


this is a video i found while trying to find more information on mages as of 4.3 i just added a new gamecard to my account, and a mage is what i will be playing first, more info tomorow. 7 more words

WoW:back to level one.

i will be writeing about my adventures with working my way from level one back to where my toons were at with only the gold in my mains bank and free time eating gaming. 10 more words