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Chicken Nuggets

These get a “delicious!” out of my son each time. There was a rough patch between changing to a low histamine diet and figuring out how to make him this previous staple. 161 more words

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Apple Cardamom Pound Cake

Welcome to my latest recipe post! I have been sharing low histamine recipes that I developed to feed my young child. I hope that as I add to this site that it will become a source of ideas and encouragement to other parents and followers of the low-histamine, mast cell friendly life style! 428 more words

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Nutty Rooty Macaroni

Who doesn’t love macaroni noodles? Ollie loves pasta, and likes variety in his sauces, so I have been creating quite a few options for him to choose from. 114 more words

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Creamy Carrot Pasta Sauce 🥕

Before switching to a low-histamine diet we would blend pumpkin into a tomato-less pasta sauce. This is our replacement and it is very tasty paired with sweet potato gnocchi, as a ravioli filling, and equally yummy as a dip for chicken tenders. 175 more words

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Squeeze the Day Juice 🧃

Can’t even wait to finish juicing before sticking a spoon underneath to catch the drips as they fall!

After a week or so into the low histamine diet Ollie was able to come off of his daily antihistamine medications. 373 more words

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Ollie’s Handy Maple Cakes

🍁 🤚 🥞
Handcake, Pancake,
Make me an Ollie Cake
O's Cake, Lovie Cakes
Ollie's Handy Maple Cakes

~a poem made with sweet friends 46 more words
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Christmas is coming

So as always some days dragged and other days flew, and new bay mates came and went. Julie had had a personality transplant since the alcohol had seeped out of her system, and I even got a cheeky hug upon her departure! 501 more words