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Audience members required for BBC Two programme "Can Britain Have A Pay Rise?".

GMWRAG members may be interested in the following information from the BBC. It would be great if we could get some GMWRAG members on there. 174 more words


Revealed: the Tories new plan to squeeze the working poor

THE TORY government been attacked over plans to extend controversial benefit sanctions to claimants with jobs, with critics warning introducing the “shockingly harsh” penalties risks plunging workers into poverty. 1,389 more words


Jeremy Corbyn warns big business over low pay, wage gap | Reuters

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Saturday he would stop big companies from distributing dividends unless they paid their workers the living wage as part of his proposals to promote fairer working conditions. 12 more words


The Low Pay for Low Skills Lie

No one wants to be poor and no one wants to ask for aid from welfare offices. Unfortunately some people simply lack the abilities needed to successfully attend college. 311 more words


The poor pay more: prepayment meters and self-disconnection

10.8 million people live in households that pay for their energy by prepayment meter (PPM). CAP’s latest research highlights the hardship they face and the widespread self-disconnection taking place. 330 more words


Apprenticeships. Channel 4 puts the boot in

As ever thanks to Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley for continuing to expose the ‘apprenticeships’ charade, supported in this instance by Channel Four. Some three years after the BBC’s Panorama dramatically exposed the misuse of apprenticeship funding by the supermarket chain Morrison; this week’s Channel 4 Dispatches provided further disturbing evidence of how young people […] 8 more words