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Obscene wealth and dire poverty – welcome to Tory Britain 2018

As the wealthy wallow in luxury, helped by Conservative tax cuts for the rich – child poverty, homeless deaths, foodbank usage, benefit suicides continue to rise … 2,362 more words

A chronology of privatised prison scandals

And the cowboy companies which run them

21 May 2018  Inmate hid in a laundry room at prison for eight hours – and no one noticed he was missing… 4,702 more words

Two female leaders do not make the Conservative Party feminist

Recent history of Tory misogynist remarks, sexist assaults and anti-women policies

22 May 2018  John Bercow reported to Commons watchdog over ‘stupid woman’ claims https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/may/22/john-bercow-reported-to-commons-watchdog-over-stupid-woman-claims?CMP=share_btn_tw… 4,227 more words

The Reality of Working in the Collapsing NHS

When a Socialist Labour Party established the British National Health Service (NHS) – premised upon the Soviet medical system paid for through taxation, but delivered ‘free at the point of use’, the staff were asked to work 12-hour night and day shifts (to ensure medical continuation standards on the wards), and to accept a wage that was modest to say the least. 408 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

An industrial strategy for workers

On Sunday, I spoke at the Morning Star Scotland Spring conference on an industrial strategy for the people, sharing a platform with Unite’s inspriring Roz Foyer, and Scottish Labour leader, Richard Leonard. 47 more words

True power lies in the workplace

Work is changing. Zero hours contracts, low wages and automation are threats to job security in Scotland and across the developed world. Nonetheless, work remains very much part of the tapestry of our lives. 264 more words

Teachers Union and FJUHSD agree to a $100 million contract to televise their next fight

DISTRICT OFFICE–Troy High School’s Teachers Union released a statement yesterday confirming a year-long rumor speculating broadcast of highly anticipated matchup between the Union and Fullerton Joint Union High School District. 164 more words