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What does ‘decent work’ mean to low-paid workers?

Working practices and how to improve them

When it comes to work, it’s not just the level of pay that matters to employees but the broader quality of employment. 1,083 more words


Paying a realistic living wage in the voluntary sector is a step in the right direction

I think most of us would agree that overall, the voluntary sector is not well paid. It was therefore refreshing to learn that a number of large funding organisations are now… 572 more words

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Time for a Maximum Wage?

“This is such blatant common sense, it is shocking that we have reached the 21st century and still haven’t sorted this!  It is not just Walmart/Asda, either….Obviously people who do more demanding, challenging jobs should be paid more – there have to be incentives – but the system seems to have become out of balance and out of all reasonable proportion!” CJ


Immigration has very little to do with wage values - but something closer to home does.

Challenging the narrative that immigration is bad for our economy is at the Heart of the Corbyn Campaign.  It is the stark difference between other Labour candidates and Corbyn that others employ divisive politics to blame immigration for failures in our economy. 1,769 more words


Revealed: the High Street names that used benefits claimants as free labour | UK Politics | News | The Independent

The names of hundreds of major companies and leading British charities who used a benefits scheme to employ people without paying them have been revealed after the government lost a four-year legal battle to protect their identities. 18 more words


Europe is in Jeremy Corbyn's hands

It’s Labour dogma that will lose us our place in Europe. 830 more words


5 Shocking Things I Learned Working in the Mainstream Media

After spending over a decade working in medium-sized cities for different television affiliates of ABC, NBC, and CBS, I came to the conclusion the industry I was in had turned into the vortex of evil, I was not content to spout corporate and government propaganda any longer, and I had to get out. 2,874 more words

The Corrupt Media