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I am very grateful for the words on the graphic for this blog. They came from “One Fit Widow” from September 9, 2014. Thank you! 561 more words

Jobs That Suprisingly Don't Pay Well

We work jobs for a number of reasons, but it’s not called a “job” for nothing. You are performing work for money. Many jobs you know won’t pay for a second house or extravagant vacations, and other careers sound like they would, but actually don’t. 81 more words


After A $13 Minimum Wage Was Approved, Protesters Are Pushing For $15!

The city of Chicago just passed upping the minimum wage in increments to $13 over the next 4 years. Apparently, people feel that is not enough and want even more! 650 more words


Schedules That Work Act aims to reduce stress of uncertain work schedules

For two years now, low-wage workers have been striking, protesting, and demonstrating to make their employers and the public aware of their grievances.

Chief among their grievances is their low pay, but not far behind are their unstable and unpredictable work schedules, which make life outside of work more difficult. 641 more words

Jobs return, but low pay remains a problem

By Rick Newman

When the government’s monthly jobs report comes out, analysts focus mostly on, well, jobs. But it may be time to start focusing on another element of the report that hasn’t been doing as well as the raw employment number: incomes. 682 more words


DC Theatre Scene: A Living Wage is Our Right and Responsibility

This article from lighting designer Andrew Griffin is in response to Philly theatre artist Charlotte Ford’s interview, which we discussed on 5/26/14. In his article, Griffin talks about how artists devalue each other by accepting less money for hard, time-consuming work. Read the article here.

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